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Are you looking for more fun with your horse? Are you looking for partnership and friendship with your horse? Do you wish you could train and ride your horse without a whip, spurs and other training aids? In other words, do you want to have a click with your horse?

What has HippoLogic to offer?

HippoLogic will teach you to:

  • Train your own horse in ethical and horse friendly ways
  • Implement a force-free training method in your own method
  • Set goals & achieve them
  • Connect with and understand your horse and his behaviour

I offer online personal coaching for equestrians all over the world.

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Who am I and what is my story?

My name is Sandra Poppema, B.Sc. I am a certified riding instructor, horse behaviourist & horse trainer. I help passionate horse lovers transition from traditional riding and training methods to the most ethical and horse friendly way of training I found in 35+ years in the horse world.


I chose the name HippoLogic because 'Hippo' means horse and 'Logic' means science in ancient Greek. My force-free training method is based on science and my decades of experience in riding and training horses and teaching riding lessons.

Horse lover

I have loved horses all my life. My biggest dream always was to find a way to connect with horses in a non-intrusive way. I was always looking for a meaningful relationship, a friendship, rather than getting results or winning trophies at my horses costs. 

My journey in a nutshell

My journey in horse training and riding started very traditional in a riding school. Then I found natural horsemanship and thought this was the way to friendship and partnership with my horse.

It was only when l found positive reinforcement training (clicker training) that I finally felt like I had 'arrived' at my destination to find the most friendly, most ethical and most effective way to train horses.

Benefits of HippoLogic's method

The fact horses change in a positive way show that horses like this method too.


  • Show more eagerness to start their training
  • Become more willing to learn and to please their owner
  • Approaching their owner instead of walking away in the pasture
  • Show more trust in their rider
  • Want to be haltered or bridled
  • Start to click with their owners!

My own horse Kyra was born in the wild and I tamed her and trained her myself with reward-based horse training. Kyra changed from a feral filly into a horse that seeks out human contact and is eager to work with people.

In just three weeks she changed from an anxious, stressed yearling into a horse that I could approach, trust, groom, clean hooves and take care of her wounded leg and lead over the premises. Trust and friendship were founded with clicker training, in other words: we clicked!

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Click here to subscribe to HippoLogic's Newsletter and receive your free Track Your Training Calendar 2017