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Sandra Poppema

Email: info@clickertraining.ca

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Location: Burnaby, BC, Canada


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Online course Set Your Equestrian Goals & Achieve them

Are your struggling with setting and/or accomplishing the goals you want to achieve with your horse?

Set Your Equestrian Goals & Achieve them
Set Equestrian Goals & Achieve them

Do you have the feeling you haven't made much progress or you could have achieved more if you only had some help?

This is the course for you! 


  • Discover what your equestrian goals really are
  • Learn techniques to set achievable goals
  • Learn how to brake down a big goal into training sessions order to make it  achievable and realistic
  • Learn how to stay motivated and on track, even if you 'fail' or if 'life happens'
  • Learn to track your achievements
  • Celebrate your successes!

Once you master the tools and techniques I hand you in this course, you can benefit the rest of your life from it.

This 4 week course will be online and will contain weekly emails, exercises, pdf's and video material to empower you to make your goals achievable.

MODULE 1 Turn Equestrian Dreams into Goals the easy way
MODULE 2 Tools & Techniques that help overcome procrastination
MODULE 3 How to stay motivated without a coach
MODULE 4 Celebrate Your First Successes

BONUS Students get 5 weeks free access to a private Facebook support group to ask questions and get tailored advice about their goals and planning. After that you can decide to stay member of this group and participate in the Accountability Partner program.

Let this be the year you can look back on proudly!

Regular course $57, early bird $47

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Course dates & prices regular course:

Every month I run this 4 week online course. Here are the dates for the coming courses. You can pick the date that is most convenient for you. 

Early bird prices ( $47 CAD) are valid up until 1 week before courses start!

July 28th 2017 

August 4th 2017 

September 8th 2017

October 6th 2017 $57 CAD

November 3rd 2017 $57 CAD 

December 1st 2017 $57 CAD 

Sign up today! Choose your date!

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Click the link to calculate what a good deal it really is: Conversion Currency Rate.

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Enroll in the VIP course to start within 24 hours! The regular course is only offered once a month. VIP's get extra bonuses

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Set Your Equestrian Goals & Achieve them
Set Equestrian Goals & Achieve them

Click here to send me an email for more information or fill in the form at the top of the page.

What students said about the course:

"I had a really empowering online coaching from Sandra, helping me put my problems in perspective. Now Iliana and I are really focusing on not grabbing for food wherever she goes, and with baby steps we are getting there. Lots of other things to train too, but one thing at a time I think. Thank you, Sandra, you are in inspiration!" Patricia, Spain

"Through her online course on goal setting, Sandra has given me excellent help in how to set achievable goals for my horse training. I'm now better able to see what I need to work on and enjoying achieving my goals. Thank you Sandra!" Ananja, The Netherlands

"A fascinating and creative teacher. She was great help in helping me and my horse achieve our goals. Concise, clear and funny!" Noche

"I have enjoyed all of it. The course has really helped me think about what I actually want to do with my horse. You do a good job of helping focus on a goal. Loved the advice and support."

"I have gained a lot so far. I've always had a bit of butterfly mind and tend to jump from one exercise to another too fast and not getting anywhere! Sandra have taught me to focus and take things in small steps. And its so helpful to read everyone else's progress as well" (student is referring to the Facebook support group for this online course)

"What I like is that they (the exercises) are very doable as you have to answer to one thing at a time. I appreciate the way you give support a lot. You are critical in a good way, not letting me feel like everything I do is already perfect but also giving advice in a good way and helping to keep sharp.
I also got a little more insight into why I find it hard to succeed with training plans and what I could do to help myself with this."

"I think this course is an excellent idea :) You are always very supportive Sandra and make this feel like a safe place (the Facebook support group) to ask questions. Funny, but I've met a lot of R+ trainers who a very encouraging and positive with their horses but extremely critical of their human trainers. Sandra you walk and talk R+ in all areas - with horses and people :) "

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Set Your Equestrian Goals & Achieve them
Set Equestrian Goals & Achieve them
Personal coaching session

Online coaching(Skype)& Clicker Training Boot Camp


    • Personal positive reinforcement advise for you and your horse
    • Train or ride your horse at times when it suits you 
    • An experienced accountability partner that helps you achieve your goals
    • Improved relationship with your horse by better understanding horse behaviour and what motivates your horse to do what he is doing
    • No travel costs 

    Personal online coaching:

    • Coaching sessions are 50 minutes long
    • Includes a training plan that I send you per email

    Read reviews at the review page.

    $ 70 CAD/session

    Clicker Training Boot Camp:

    Most behaviours take more than one session to train; trailer loading, deworming, haltering a head shy horse can take a few weeks. If you need more than one coaching session to get you unstuck, than the Clicker Boot Camp is for you!

    In your personal Clicker Training Boot Camp you get 5 online training sessions in 5 consecutive weeks over Skype. The boot camp will give your clicker training a huge impuls which can give your training enough momentum to last for months!

    Do you need a boost in your training? Click on the 5 package coaching session-button below and we'll set up 5 dates for your personal clicker training boot camp.

    The Boot Camp includes a personal training plan tailored for you and your horse!

    Boot camp $ 325 CAD (save $25)

    (I only offer the Clicker Boot Camp to a few clients at the same time since it's a very intensive program.)

    5 Session package deal:

    For people who don't want to commit to an intensive 5 week clicker boo(s)t camp I also offer 5 package deal. You can plan your 5 sessions a bit longer apart if you need to.

    Click here to send me an email for more information or fill in the form at the top of the page if you have any questions.

    Personal coaching session
    Video coaching session

    Video consult

    One video consult includes a personal evaluation of your 'before' and  your 'after' video of the behaviour you want to improve.

     Send a short video of where you are stuck in your in training and I will evaluate your video. During the Skype call I give you very specific ways to improve your training and I will teach you how you can avoid your (personal)  pitfalls. After two weeks you send in your 'after' video and you get your second evaluation. Two sessions for almost the same price as one!

    Usually one video consult is sufficient to improve a behaviour tremendously. If not, I will give a 50% discount to an additional video coaching session for the same behaviour.


    • Personal help for you and your horse
    • Benefit for months from the tailored training advice you receive
    • Practise/train/ride your horse at times when it suits you 
    • No travel costs 
    • One on one help via Skype
    • An experienced accountability partner that helps you achieve your goals
    • Improved relationship with your horse

    Online training consult includes:

    • Intake session over Skype
    • A detailed evaluation of your 'before' and your 'after' videos
    • Personal positive reinforcement advise for you and your horse 

    After the evaluation you will work on your points of improvement. After two weeks you send me a new video video of the exercises you worked on. I will evaluate the second video over Skype and talk about your improvements and you will get enough advise to keep you going on your own.

    $87 CAD for the first session, discount rate for follow ups, read a review

    Click here to send me an email for more information or fill in the form at the top of the page.

    Video coaching session


    A perfect way to inform yourself about positive reinforcement training to see if you like it. Seminars are 120 minutes long. My top topics are:

    • Equestrian goal setting
    • Clicker training your horse (novice, intermediate and experienced level)

    I travel to your place in The Lower Mainland or you can come to me in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

    $20 CAD/pp with a minimum of 8 persons (smaller or larger groups on request). Travel costs are applicable.

    Click here to send me an email for more information or to request availability. Or fill in the form at the top of the page.

    Talks on events/Workshops/Articles

     Available on request. Contact me for details at info@clickertraining.ca 


    Do you consider to work with me? Check out my free services below or book a personal consult today.

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    Accountability Partner Program (students only)

    For students who enrolled in my course Set Your Equestrian Goals & Achieve them I offer an accountability program. It is a monthly membership program for only $10 CAD. I will support you in achieving more goals with your horse.

    Prerequisite: course Set Your Equestrian Goals & Achieve them


    • I will be your personal online accountability partner in this Facebook group
    • The Facebook support group will give you access to every new update of the course
    • Advice to help you accomplish your equestrian goals 
    • Support of like-minded equestrians
    • Get inspired by other ambitious horse owners
    • Get cheered on when you celebrate your achieved goals

    Costs only $10/month

    Click the 'subscribe button' belowto enroll in the Accountability Partner Program.

    Where can I find the link to the Facebook group?

    I will send it manually per email the day I receive your payment. If you live in another timezone it can happen that you receive the link to the Facebook group a day later.

    How to unsubscribe from the Accountability Partner Program

    You can stop your subscription to the program any time. Simply let me know by sending me an email and stop the billing with this button. When you stop your subscription you no longer have access to the Facebook support group.