Application Clicker Training MASTERY

In order to join the Clicker Training Mastery program, you need to apply*).

Application is now open

Clicker Training Mastery is an 8-week intensive online program in which you’ll emerge yourself in positive reinforcement horse training. You’ll implement your newly gained knowledge immediately in your training and will be sending in your weekly homework videos.

Clicker Training Mastery HippoLogic 8 week course
Clicker Training Mastery HippoLogic 8 week course

It’s going to be amazing if you’re up for the challenge to stretch yourself as horse trainer!

For this course you need to have some knowledge of the learning quadrant since we won’t go in depth into that in this course. This application is determine if this course is a good fit for you and your horse.

If you have no clicker training experience I would recommend the one-on-one Clicker Training MASTERY program that’s more suitable than this group coaching program. If think you’re in this category, please contact me directly at and put “Curious about Clicker Training Mastery” or book a free discovery call.

Send your application in today!

Fill in the form or send your application per email and put in the subject line “Clicker Training Mastery Assessment [your name + name horse]”.

*) Your application is no guarantee you’ll be accepted as participant. It’s doesn’t obligate you to buy the program. Having your video assessed is 100% free, however only participants of the course will get feedback on their videos.

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