husbandry skills

Husbandry skills are all behaviours you need to train in order to keep your horse happy, healthy and safe. Examples: hoof care, eye care, behaviours to make basic care easy and safe: haltering, leading, tying.

Husbandry skills: hoof care (part IV)

In this series I will keep you posted about the young horse I am training in order to prepare her for the next farrier visit. I will call her A. in this blog. A was scared to let people touch her legs, especially her hind legs. She kicked out whenever she felt something touching them.

I promised to keep you updated on our clicker training sessions. We had another session since my last post. Progress might seem slow, but I know from over a decade of clicker training horses that slow is the way to go.

house training horses with clicker training

I accomplished my ‘shittiest’ goal ever!

Yes, this will be a very shitty topic. Sorry about that. The topic is… house-training my horse. In May 2015 I started house-training Kyra. I am a lazy horse owner, so I taught her some tricks to make my life easier. You can house-train your horse too: Thinking ahead I always, always reinforce Kyra …

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