Click With Your Horse, Introduction in Positive Reinforcement training

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This course is an introduction in positive reinforcement horse training.

Click With Your Horse in training
  • Learn why positive reinforcement is the best training method to get to know your horse
  • How positive reinforcement leads to connection
  • How to start clicker training your horse

Tips to get the most out of this course

  • This course is 60 minutes long. Do you have one hour to broaden your knowledge?
  • The’re 12 modules and each module contains a short video. It’s easy review a specific topic to refresh your memory
  • You’ll get 5 points for finishing this course. Members of the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy can open advanced courses with points.
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6 thoughts on “Click With Your Horse, Introduction in Positive Reinforcement training”

  1. Excellent explanation of the basics. I now know why bridge signals work so well and where I went wrong teaching manners.

    1. Yes, Cassie absolutely! For all parties involved: trainer, learner (horse) and coach/instructor (if applicable). I see it over and over when the horse has fun, he wants to engage more and when they want to engage more, they want to learn more.

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