Masterclass with Lucy Wilde Connection through Awareness

Masterclass: Connection through Awareness ~ A guide to Enhancing Your Relationship with Your Horse

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Lucy Wilde BA, FEEL Practitioner, Human and Animal Craniosacral Therapist, SAMP (Small animal massage practitioner)
Twitter: @Lucywildeone
Founder of Wilde Human and Animal Care
Website: Wilde Human Care
Facebook business page
Contact:, phone 1-604-809-2835 (Vancouver, Canada)

Lucy Wilde has used her training with animals and humans to create modalities that focus on allowing deep healing of the mind and body. She utilizes
Craniosacral Therapy to release physical restrictions in the body, which can contribute to pain and disease, and to regulate the nervous system, which gives the body an opportunity to connect to emotions and process and heal trauma.

She uses her training in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) to create sessions that allow people to spend time in relationship with the horses, which helps to calm the nervous system, and allows them to experience being in the present moment. This experience fosters embodiment, which allows for a clear experience of our authentic selves. The horses assist in helping to mirror our physiological states, helping us to better understand ourselves and our behaviour.

These sessions provide relief from stress, deep calm, and embodiment (groundedness in the body and access to emotions/intuition). They help us to have greater insight into our repeated habits, behaviours, and struggles, and provide the space for profound healing to occur. In short: Lucy helps people heal themselves through the power of connection with horses.

In this Masterclass Lucy teaches us 3 simple exercises and 2 steps that help us connect with our horses through awareness.

This connection can help you improve the relationship with your horse. So the next time you go to your horse try this and let us know what you experienced. Once we connect, really connect with our horse, we’ll be able to notice so much that they tell us.

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