HippoLogic Clicker Challenge December

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In December the HippoLogic Clicker Challenge (HCC) contains many exciting and advanced training techniques:

HippoLogic Clicker Challenge December
Clicker Challenge December: advanced clicker training techniques
  • Chaining behaviour
  • Building duration
  • Building distance
  • Stimulus control (putting behaviour on cue)
  • Fading out clicks
  • Getting a heap of behaviours for only one click

Behaviours in this challenge are:

  • Trick training: Putting a Christmas wreath on, Picking up a Santa hat and hand it over to you and Ring a bell
  • Mat training: standing on a mat, staying on the mat when handler moves away (distance and duration) and stepping off of the mat on cue (distance)
  • Behaviours: stand and stay, sending your horse forward and away from you (walk) and ring a bell (distance).

This is what you need for this Challenge:

  • mat
  • "wreath" (can be a decorated hula hoop from the toy store or a tube bought at the DIY store)
  • bell (hotel bell, string of bells or any bell your horse can ring)
  • Santa hat (or a toque/hat) 

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