Masterclass: The Courage to Be YOU, as Equestrian

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“The Courage to Be YOU, as Equestrian”

  • Learn to recognize undesired feelings and emotions
  • Let go of fears and unlimited beliefs
  • Stand in your Power and connect with your true self

Sophie is an excellent teacher and she’s been my mentor for years! She’ll introduce you to EFT (emotional Freedom Technique) also referred to as “tapping”. Because you “tap” with your fingers on meridian points on your body so your body (who remembers memories -especially traumas- better than our mind does) can release them and you can choose how to feel instead.

Sophie can explain it way better than I can. I’ve practised this techniques for years. This helped me quit smoking pretty effortlessly 20 years ago, without gaining weight. (Can you imagine me a smoker? I can’t. Not anymore).

It helped me gain confidence as a speaker, doing Facebook lives, and more! It’s such a treat to have Sophie in our Academy!

You don’t want to miss this!

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