starting a foal with clicker training

Tips for Starting a foal or untouched horse

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Do you have an untouched horse or foal that you want to give the best possible training experience and you’re looking how you can implement clicker training in his start?

This is for you!

In this class I explain the Key Principles for Success: HippoLogic Key Lessons for Trainers and how these fit into the HippoLogic Training System.

Key Lessons for Trainers are:

  • Principles of Learning & Motivation
  • Training plan
  • Shaping plan
  • Training journal
  • Accountability
  • Emotions in Training (human and equine!)

Key Lessons for Horse are:

  1. Table manners: safe behaviour around food and food reinforcers
  2. Patience: teach your horse to wait for cues and relax
  3. Targeting: teach your horse to touch an object with a certain body part so that you can train other behaviours faster
  4. Mat training: an amazing tool to give your horse clarity where you want him to go or stay
  5. Head lowering: this is useful is so many situations, from teaching your horses to self halter or walking underneath doorpost and going into trailers
  6. Backing: a necessary exercise to increase safety as well as increasing agility and body awaress in your horse

R+ training system

With an overall training system you always know what your next step in training will be.

If you’re stuck it’s easy to recognize where you got stuck and also to get in motion again. Some of the parts in the system are interchangeable and can be adjusted to each horse, trainer and situation.

Other parts are foundational and it’s helpful to know what they are and where in the training process they are most important.

The system of training behaviours will lead you through the process of getting from where the horse is (not yet trained in the desired behaviour) to where you want to be: have your desired behaviour on cue.

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