Does your overweight horse needs to get in shape?

  • Is your horse overweight?
  • Does he has laminitis, EMS or is he just obese at the moment?
  • Did the vet tell you to abandon all treats and start exercising (meaning: lunging) your horse?

Do you feel Overwhelm? Fear? Maybe even feel a panic?

My horse got laminitis in 2016. The vet told me “No more treats!” I had to manage her calorie intake, exercise her daily (which my overweight horse with hurting feet didn’t wish to do) and take care of her.

It was hard en I wish it to nobody. I was lucky to have a support team that did so much for me, so that I could get out of “freeze mode” and be creative again.

Falling back on traditional (R-) training was a no go for me: After one lunging session in the round pen my heart broke.

I couldn’t do this to her. I had to find a R+ way to exercise her. 

I did! I found ways to use R+ to get her moving and taught her to like to exercise. It was a process, a long one.

  • We bonded over the experience
  • I kept using R+
  • Kyra never got a laminitis attack again!
  • She learned to enjoy exercise

Do you want to pick my brain and learn from my process and mistakes? 

Join me in this online training!

In this training I will share ways to:

1) Keep using R+. How you can use positive reinforcement in exercising your horse to lose weight, even when he doesn’t want to move.
2) Give ideas how to keep your horse happy and prevent stereotypical behaviours, during his healing process, even when he has to be in solitary confinement for a while
3) Tips to change the management so that you can prevent another laminitis attack in the future.

PS this is a long process and no “quick fix”, but it will strengthen the relationship with your horse!

This training is a fit for you if:

  • You already clicker train your horse, and have a good understanding of positive reinforcement training
  • Your horse has laminitis and or is overweight

This training is not a good fit if your horse is overweight, and you don’t want to exercise him with clicker training. Or if you’re new to clicker training your horse.
If you still want to join and there is time, I can give you some exercises to get your knowledge up to date for this training.

If you’re interested in joining, book your intake call here
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In this 20 -30 minutes free call we’ll have a conversation about your challenges and struggles to keep/get your horse fit and in shape. This special training is only for a small, select group and if you want to join, book your call and we’ll take it from there.

Training will be 2 weeks (online) and we’ll start the Sunday October 10, 2021 with a Live Zoom training.
You’ll get access to our private Facebook group

Happy Horse Training!

Download the program content here:

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