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    • HippoLogic Key Lessons
      The HippoLogic Key Lessons are your Keys to Success in Horse Training. Sandra Poppema, BSc has studied many successful horse trainers, animal trainers as well as successful business people, speakers and other successful people. She found what they had in common and added ideas of her own, based on her 25+ years of experience in teaching horse people to ride and train their horses safely. Those became the foundation lessons that she tested extensively with her clients. She called them the Key Lessons because these are all necessary in order to become a successful horse (or animal) trainer. These Key Lessons consist of basic behaviours the horse must master and skills the trainer must master. Together they form a strategy that always lead to success in training. Once you have a strategy, a roadmap, you'll notice that the outcomes of training become fairly predictable and can also be duplicated with other horses and in other circumstances. That's how they are tested. Everyone can learn those and everyone can become successful in training their own horse.

      Key Lessons for Horses and their purpose

      1. Key Lesson Table Manners Teaching your horse food etiquette. It includes safe hand-feeding and safe behaviour around food and food reinforcers
      2. Key Lesson Patience Creates calm and attentive horses. Horses that wait patiently for cues without turning your into attention-seeking monsters.
      3. Key Lesson Targeting Teaching your horse to touch a particular object with a certain body part. Once they understand how to target, it can be used as training tool to teach other - and very complex- behaviours.
      4. Key Lesson Mat training Teaching your horse to stand on a mat. This is Targeting with their front feet. Like targeting this can become one of your most powerful training tool in your training tool box.
      5. Key Lesson Head lowering Calming behaviour as well as practical purposes. Best basic to improve husbandry skills.
      6. Key Lesson Backing Improves safety in almost all daily activities. Backing also can improve your horse’s agility and strength.
      Key Lessons for Trainers and their purpose Will be added later
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