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    Key Lesson Targeting


    • Safety: you can easily move the horse out of your way (e.g. entering a gate, leaving stall, keep your horse away from the food source, prevents undesired behaviour
    • Safety: increases your personal circle. Backing is incompatible with lots of undesired behaviours like rubbing their heads on your body, licking, biting, head bumping
    • Redirects attention from your pocket


    Horse steps backwards with his abdomen engaged. Horse keeps neck horizontal or a bit convex and lifts each hoof nicely off the ground.

    Very important that the horse does not have a hollow back and dragging hind legs!

    Attention: backing is difficult for horses. In order to make and keep it fun and easy ask forward (the opposite) behaviour after you’ve asked to back up.

    Training tool

    Athletic exercise: great tool to teach them body awareness, improve posture on the ground and under saddle

    Teaching crunches

    Key Lesson Backing

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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