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    Horse can be safely hand-fed (see Key Lesson Table Manners for Horses)


    • Very versatile: it’s targeting with hooves
    • Provides clarity where you want the horse to be/or move to
    • Helps teaching your horse to ground-ty/stay
    • Preparation to step onto all kinds of other unfamiliar surfaces like tarps, wooden bridges, lids of man holes on the street, trailer ramps, pedestals, hoof jacks and so on
    • Advanced mat training: to create more go in a horse or to create more whoa (calmness) in a horse


    Horse stands with 2 front hooves on a mat

    Training tool

    • Ground tying
    • Stepping up unfamiliar surfaces
    • Send horse away from you
    • Ask your horse to come towards you


    Key Lesson Mat training

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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