Key Lesson Table Manners for Horses

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    This is Key Lesson is meant to teach your horse food etiquette. It includes safe hand-feeding and safe behaviour around food and food reinforcers


    Safety, teaching the horse desired behaviour around treats and food


    • Horse waits until treat is presented
    • Food always moves towards the horse (never the other way around)
    • Treat is fed far away as possible from the source (your pocket, treat bucket). Stretched arm
    • Preferably the horse has his neck straight when fed, or:
    • ‘Feed for Position’ (away from your body)
    • Horse takes food gently with lips only
    • Horse doesn’t use teeth
    • Horse is calm after the click
    • Horse keeps muzzle relaxed and mouth closed after click (until food is presented to lips)

    Training tool

    Helps horse control emotions


    Key Lesson Table Manners

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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