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    Do you click for every time the behaviour is offered?
    This is a common question.

    In the HippoLogic training system we distinguish 4 phases in training a behaviour. 4 Phases of Training a Behaviour with R+:

    Phase 1
    Teaching your horse what you want. Click and reinforce ALL good tries and everything that will lead to the goal behaviour. Your horse is mostly guessing in this phase and gets information from context. The click gives information: this is what I want to see more of. Context can be if there is a target stick: touch it.

    Phase 2
    When the behaviour is consistently offered I put a cue on the behaviour. I still click 100% for all good tries that lead to the goal behaviour. This is a short phase. Example I say “touch” then I present the target stick, later I present the target stick and say “touch”

    Phase 3
    Here is where the cue gets tested. Now the horse can ONLY earn a click and treat if I have given the cue first. The behaviours spontaneously offered don’t get clicks anymore. Touching a target is not getting a click, not even when I offer the target stick (was context cue in the past), but when I present the target and say “Touch” a click can be earned. In this phase 100% clicks IN COMBINATION with my cue.

    Phase 4
    Fading out the clicks and go from a continuous reward schedule (=100% clicks and treats) to a variable reward schedule where the behaviour gets less and less clicks. The behaviour is now a habit.

    In the Ultimate Horse Training Formula (8 week course) there is a whole module dedicated to this topic. This is the short version.

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