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The Clicker Training Academy is an online mentorship and clicker coaching program that helps you improve the bond with your horse by using positive reinforcement training.

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  • Is the bond with your horse important to you?
  • Want to implement more R+ in your training and wish to get support and coaching?
  • Do you want to accomplish amazing things with your horse, relationship and training wise?

Join the Academy and get access to:

  • R+ training courses
  • Clicker coaching: group sessions on Zoom, feedback on your training videos, Q&A’s
  • Our amazing and supportive R+ community
  • Members get the opportunity to choose topics for online courses for the Academy!
  • Access to our secret Facebook group

Once you’ve joined the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy you get immediate access to all our online course, replays of webinars, recorded group coaching sessions and more! You also get an email with an invite to join us in our secret Facebook group.
Make sure to look for an email from Whitelist that email address so it doesn’t end up in your spam folder!

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Things to consider

  • How amazing will it be if you get tailored R+ advice from a professional?
  • How fast do you think you will make progress if you would have coaching?
  • How would you feel among a community that is all about R+ training?

Sneak peak in the Clicker Training Academy

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Vision Clicker Training Academy

My vision is to create affordable and professional online support for horse people all over the world, so they get the relationship with their horses they dream of, feel safe and confident around their horses and have fun with their horse. This is accomplished by offering positive reinforcement solutions in the form of coaching, courses and clinics.

The Academy will be expanded over the years. All courses and coaching is tailored to the needs and wants of her members.

HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy

If you have a specific topic that you want to learn more about (maybe you want to implement R+ in the saddle, you have an untouched horse or a rescue, or want to do more trick training) let us know!

Enrollment is OPEN until Thursday 21st!

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If you’re excited and want to be part of our amazing group R+ focused equestriennes, this is absolutely right for you!

Enrollment is open only for a limited time! Doors will close at Sunday January 17, 2021 at midnight PT.

Everything you get in a row

  • Members have free access to over 10+ online courses (all included in their membership) and new courses are added regularly!
  • Members get discounts to courses and coaching that are not included in the membership.
  • This is an online mentoring program. You’ll get personal feedback and advice on your training.
  • We’re an amazing R+ community in which we all support each other. Here you’re accepted for who you are: flaws and all (if you have any ;))
  • You’ll get access to the proven HippoLogic Training System that is based on 100% R+.
  • You’ll get training- and shaping plans. I will help you tailor them for behaviours you want to master. Again, I like to offer personal support so that you can accomplish what YOU want.
  • Your membership fee is fixed and will never go up! It might go up for new members in the future as more features will be added!

Focus of the Academy: to help you accomplish your goals, improve the bond with your horse in training and offer inspiration.

For who
Horse owners who want to develop their positive reinforcement skills that support them to reach their goals. Riders and non-riders are welcome!

What do we do?

  • Online accountability with Motivation Monday and Celebration Sunday, so you stay on track with your training
  • Training Themes to keep you on tack
  • Training tips
  • Training tools (pdf’s), like a training logbook, training plan, training calendar
  • Facebook support group
  • Possibility to share your training/riding videos to measure your progress and get personal feedback on your videos
  • Masterminds with other professionals


For less than 10 /week you get tailored advice as much as you need and can develop your clicker skills under supervision of a professional.

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Still on the fence? Ask yourself this:

What does one in-person lesson cost?
Are there R+ coaches available in my area that I can hire?
Would I rather spent $39/month and get tailored R+ coaching and support or spent way more $$$ for weekly in-person lesson and end up with traditional/NH based advice that doesn’t make me or my horse happy?

How would it make you feel if you can really work with R+ only, knowing it will improve the relationship with your horse in every aspect?

Contact Sandra

Questions? Doubts? I am just a call or WhatsApp away: 1-778-888-6084

PS If you join us and you don’t like it, you can cancel your membership with just one click!

After your payment is received you’ll get an invite per email to our Facebook group that has tons of information, waiting for you! You also get access to all our online course and replays of webinars, previous group coaching session and more!
Make sure to look for an email from Whitelist that email address so it doesn’t end up in your spam folder!Get on the waiting list so you won’t miss out when enrolment opens!!

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