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Become a Confident Clicker trainer within a year with the support of our online, R+ support community!

  • Support in between coaching sessions
  • Knowing what to do and when to do it
  • Offer your horse clarity in training

Benefits of being in a R+ community

Your environment shapes your behaviour! If you want to click with your horse, surround yourself with other clicker trainers! We believe that the relationship with your horse is a priority, therefor we only teach force-free training!

We  strive to develop a horse-human relationship based on mutual trust, mutual friendship and mutual understanding. So that we can be in harmony with our horses. 

Become a Confident Clicker Trainer!

Is that what you want, too? Join us today. Scroll down for our unique offer!

  • Weekly Zoom calls to get feedback on your training, get new ideas and inspiration. Help others! We believe that we all have knowledge to share.
  • We help you become skilled and confident in using positive reinforcement (clicker) training for your horse
  • We don’t judge! We understand we are all learning.
  • Get the consistency, accountability and coaching you need to become a Confident Clicker Trainer!
  • When you join now, your membership fee is fixed and will never go up! Not even when the price will go up (after the early bird price ends). Unless you cancel and rejoin us: then the new fee applies.
  • On going support within our community
  • Membership fee can be paid yearly or monthly (minimum commitment of 3 months), cancellations must be done 48 hours before next payment

Time sensitive offer!

This unique offer to get group coaching and direct access to me for one year, is only available for a limited time! After welcoming 30 new members this door closes. We believe it’s best to start a (clicker) community with a small group of dedicated people who want to develop their skills, so we really get to know each other and I can offer each of you individual attention!

Don’t wait and join us today! Instead of paying $ 997/per year, your price TODAY is $490 CAD*).

BONUS: When you join our Clicker Training Academy with an annual membership, you get the 8-week online course Confident Clicker Trainer ($497) for free.

*) This discount is only for the first 30 members that sign up!

Monthly payments are an option, too. Email Sandra

Read our terms and conditions before joining the Academy. By joining you agree to them. No money back on virtual products and services!

What can I expect when I join today?

  • You’ll receive an email within 24 hours with an invite to join our private Facebook group
  • We’ll set you up to access the Confident Clicker Trainer 8-week course (value $ 497) that starts in April 
  • A warm welcome to our clicker community!


My vision for the Academy is to create affordable and professional online clicker training support for horse women, so they can get the relationship with their horse they dream of, by offering 100% positive reinforcement solutions.

Why choose to join the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy?

  • You already have at least one friend in the Academy (me)!
  • Get Accountability for your R+ training. Who will be a better accountability partner than someone who shares the same interest and way of training!
  • Get access to R+ online courses and HippoLogic Clicker Challenges. 
  • Members get discounts on courses that are not in the Academy
  • You will have your own online R+ mentor and get personal feedback and advice on your training (send in videos or join our group coaching calls on Zoom).
  • We are an amazing community in which we all support each other. Here you’re accepted for who you are: flaws and all (if you have any ;))
  • You’ll get access to the proven HippoLogic Training System that is based on 100% R+.
  • You’ll get help with training and shaping plans. 
  • Your membership fee is fixed and will never go up! It might go up for new members in the future as more features will be added!
  • Recordings will be available for when you can’t make it to our Saturday calls (10 am PST)


  • Don’t expect hundreds of hours of videos that create overwhelm and a feeling of missing out (anxiety). However there will be step-by-step videos added overtime. The Clicker Training Academy is in it’s early stages and will be tailored to your wishes and needs.
  • Don’t expect to only get general feedback or information that’s meant to be ‘one size fits all’. There will be general lessons available but the aim is to focus on personal growth and support!
  • Don’t expect to become a number or get mostly impersonal and/or automated responses.
  • Don’t expect improve your skills and become a master clicker trainer without doing the work. Only Action leads to Accomplishments. If you don’t want to be in the spotlight that’s OK. You can lurk. 
Building a bond in training


Join us!

Enjoy the warmth of a pure positive reinforcement community for women with a passion for horses!


Join us today and become a Confident Clicker Trainer

Still on the fence? Give me a call or WhatsApp me: 1-778-888-6084 (Sandra).