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Secret passway to join the Clicker Training Academy

Pssst…. This is the secret door

Woohoo! Someone loved you so much and told you about this secret door. Enrollment is closed but someone pointed you to the secret door! You have a friend that loves you and wants you to join us. Congrats!

At this time enrollment is officially closed, unless you’ve discovered this secret door: for you I will make an exception.

Join the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy

The Clicker Training Academy is an online mentorship program that helps you improve the bond with your horse by using 100% positive reinforcement training and force-free methods. The aim is to understand your horse better so that you don’t have to worry if your horse likes what you do, as much as you do!

Become a member of the Clicker Training Academy and join our super supportive, fun community! We have starters as well as professionals in the Academy, and we all have one important thing in common:

We all believe that the relationship with their horse is the most important thing!

We all strive to a relationship based on trust, friendship and mutual understanding. So that we can be in harmony with our horses. We don’t want to use force (and you don’t have to!) to get what you want from your horse…

Does that sound like something you want, too?

Members shape the Academy

In the Academy it’s all about you! What you want to learn in order to do what you want to accomplish with your horse! I am here to listen and support you.

  • Members get free access to online courses about various topics like How to start a horse with R+, Trailer Training (because just loading isn’t enough, you want your horse to be a good traveller and unload easily too, right!) and Leg lifting for trimming.
  • More courses are added as we speak.
  • Members get free access to the 14-day HippoLogic Clicker Challenges (each valued at $70)
  • We have a fabulous online Facebook group in which you can share your stories (we laugh and cry together), upload your training videos to get personal feedback from me and ask and discuss equine R+ training and welfare.
  • When you join now, your membership fee is fixed and will never go up! Not even when the price will go up (and it will!) in the future for new members. Unless you’ve cancelled and rejoin us, then the new fee applies.

My vision for the Academy is to create affordable and professional online support for horse people all over the world, so they can get the relationship with their horse they dream of, by offering 100% positive reinforcement solutions.

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Clicker Training Academy $49.00 per Month. Select
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Why choose for the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy?

  • You already have at least one friend in the Academy!
  • Get Accountability for your R+ training. Who will be a better accountability partner than someone who shares the same interest and way of training!
  • Get access to R+ online courses and HippoLogic Clicker Challenges. More courses will be added
  • Members get discounts to courses and coaching that are not included in the membership
  • You will have your own online R+ mentor and get personal feedback and advice on your training (send in videos or join our group coaching call on Zoom).
  • We are an amazing community in which we all support each other. Here you’re accepted for who you are: flaws and all (if you have any ;))
  • You’ll get access to the proven HippoLogic Training System that is based on 100% R+.
  • You’ll get training and shaping plans. I will help you tailor them for behaviours you want to master. Again, I like to offer personal support so that you can accomplish what YOU want.
  • Your membership fee is fixed and will never go up! It might go up for new members in the future as more features will be added!
  • Monthly group coaching call (live!) over Zoom. Recordings will be available.


  • Don’t expect hundreds of hours of videos that create overwhelm and a feeling of missing out (anxiety). However there will be step-by-step videos added overtime. The Clicker Training Academy is in it’s early stages and will be tailored to your wishes and needs.
  • Don’t expect to only get general feedback or information that’s meant to be ‘one size fits all’. There will be general lessons available but the aim is to focus on personal growth and support!
  • Don’t expect to become a number or get mostly impersonal and/or automated responses.
  • Don’t expect improve your skills and become a master clicker trainer without doing the work. Only Action leads to Accomplishments. If you don’t want to be in the spotlight that’s OK. You can lurk. As long as you’re doing the work.

Focus of the Academy: to help you accomplish your goals, improve the bond with your horse in training and offer inspiration.

For who
Horse owners who want to develop their positive reinforcement skills that support them to reach their goals. Riders and non-riders are welcome!

What do we do?

  • Online accountability with Motivation Monday and Celebration Sunday, so you stay on track with your training
  • Training themes to develop the skills you need
  • Training tips
  • Training tools (pdf’s), like a training logbook, training plan, training calendar
  • Facebook support group
  • Possibility to share your training/riding videos to measure your progress and get personal feedback on your videos


Only $49 CAD/month. That’s a great price for the value of ongoing tailored coaching in our group and the possibility to develop your skills under supervision of a professional who has 25 + years of experience.

After your payment is received you’ll get an invite to our Facebook group that has tons of information, waiting for you!

Level Price  
Clicker Training Academy $49.00 per Month. Select
Basic Free. Select

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Join us today and get your online mentorship started!

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Agenda for 2021

Every month we do something special:

  • Masterclasses by guest speakers
  • HippoLogic Clicker Challenges
  • Member in the Spotlight: share your expertise
  • Members only online workshops

Join here!

Level Price  
Clicker Training Academy $49.00 per Month. Select
Basic Free. Select

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Still on the fence? Give me a call or WhatsApp me: 1-778-888-6084 (Sandra).