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Group Coaching April 2021

Todays topics are: How clicker training helps in the overal trust and relationship Helping with a shaping plan to train the butt bar in the trailer Desensitize a horse with a R- background to possible negative associations with the NH lead rope Breaking down (shaping plan ideas) taking a horse out of his paddock for …

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Group Coaching March 2021

In March we had two group coaching calls. Coaching call 1 One was a new and exciting trial and was not recorded. In this coaching setup I help members implementing Key Lessons Principles of Learning & Motivation, Accountability and Training plan. Key Lesson Principles of Learning & Motivation One way to keep ourselves motivated as …

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Purple level March Challenge

This is the perfect place to start. This level contains the building block(s) for all levels. If you and your horse are new to clicker training start with Purple and work your way through the levels. In this level you explore what positive reinforcement is all about. Purple is a great stepping stone for Green, …

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LIVE Q&A and discussion replay

On Saturday February 13, 2021 Lucy Wilde joined us for a live Q&A session and discussion about her Masterclass topic Connection Through Awareness. For further discussion and questions about this topic, join our Facebook group for members.

Masterclass: Connection Through Awareness

Lucy Wilde teaches us how we can connect with our horses and what this connection can bring to our relationship with our horses. Enjoy! Workbook Download the workbook for resources and exercises! Watch the Masterclass!

Group Coaching January 2021

Topics in this Coaching Call: How R+ influences the horses learning process, engagement, learned helplessness Are your values aligned with your goals? See course Advanced Goals Setting Importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, R+ trainers, who can support you Trotting on a circle and how it influences the horse How dressage can help …

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Group Coaching December 2020

It was so much fun to see all of you in the group session of today! Sorry my internet was glitchy, but I managed the recording for all of you to review. We answered the following questions and probably a few more:  It was FUN! What would be the next step in clicker training my horse …

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Training 3: Accomplish Your Goals!

Now it’s time to bring it all together so you can work systematically towards accomplishing your dreams and goals. Watch replay of live training