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Befriend your Horse

Develop a two way (force-free!) communication with your beloved equine

Turn training, riding and daily interactions into Win-Wins! And have more fun together!

The Clicker Training Academy is an online mentorship program that helps you improve the bond with your horse, teaches positive reinforcement training & communication so that you become a skilled and confident clicker trainer.

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Once a month we open up our doors for new members. We have an application process because we want to attract horse women who are serious about improve their horse training skills with positive reinforcement. You’ll be notified when the doors open. You’ll get an invite to our welcoming ceremony.

5 Reasons to join

  1. Belong to a loving and supportive R+ community
  2. Our values are: Positive reinforcement for all, Win-Win in Training (instead of Win-Loose with R-/P), Positive two-way communication with horses and Fun
  3. Have direct access to Sandra who offers tailored and personal feedback to each member
  4. Accountability to help you accomplish what you want and stay on track with your goals and dreams
  5. Make Clicker Training effortless with our R+ Training tools, like detailed Shaping plans and easy to use Track Your Training Journals
Heart to heart connection with your horse

For who

We welcome all horse women that want to use (more) clicker training and less negative reinforcement and punishment. We welcome equestriennes that want to enhance the bond with their horses and want to learn to communicate better with their horses and want to be their friend.

You’re welcome whether you and your horse like to ride, or if you’re a non-riding equestrienne (and you don’t have to explain why!). The HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy wants you to become successful in clicker training your horse. Besides that, we want to offer a loving and supportive Clicker Community where you feel valued.

Take a look below and see how we make this happen for our members.

Members Workshops (Zoom)

Improve the part of your training or the relationship with your horse that is yet not optimal. Workshops are created on demand, so it will always something members value. You choose!

Live Group Clicker Clicker Coaching (Zoom)

Get ideas, tips and training solutions tailored to YOUR situation! Imagine having a personal Clicker Coach that supports your personal clicker goals! I’ll help you solve your struggles, answer your questions and share advanced R+ training techniques with you. Every one gets to speak! Bouncing ideas off of likeminded women is so valuable! We also have lots of fun during our sessions! Recordings available to all members!

Monthly Training theme

Improve your Training and get predictable successes! Master the Key Lessons (your Key to Success in Clicker Training) so you become an autonomous clicker trainer who can train anything she wants!

Stop doubting yourself or keep trying new methods and approaches again and again. Use the 6 Key Lessons for Trainers, the 6 Key Lessons for Horses and the HippoLogic Training system, so you don’t have to worry about what’s next. It provides a clear step-by-step training program.

Having a clear system and approach gives your clarity and confidence. Having a system leads to predictable successes in clicker training your horse!

Belong to your own R+ Community

As equestrienne you know we women approach caring and training/riding our horses different than most horsemen. That’s why I love our Women Only R+ Community on Facebook for our members.

  • Get Accountability so that you work consistently on your goals and results will be inevitable!
  • Feel the support of the Group!
  • Get cheered on! No matter where you’re at. You are important! Your horse is important!
  • Be a valuable member of our R+ female community with a voice that counts!

Self Paced learning with many online R+ Courses

Online clicker training course hippologic
Enhance the bond with your horse

Members get access to online courses. Learn at your own pace about the topics you want to learn about. These courses are made on demand for members! Get the support you need in our Facebook group and in our live coaching sessions or do them on your own.

Clicker Challenges

Learn to implement advanced training techniques, that you can use in your daily interaction with your horse. Understanding the impact of clicker training and blow others away with your results!

Learn to train behaviour sequences and click less while you get more behaviour and a happier horse! Put behaviour under stimulus control so your horse will listen to you all the time. No matter the circumstances or environment.

HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy

The Clicker Training Academy is an online mentorship program that helps you improve the bond with your horse by using 100% positive reinforcement training and force-free methods. The aim is to understand your horse better so that you don’t have to worry if your horse likes what you do, as much as you do!

Become a member of the Clicker Training Academy and join our super supportive, fun community! We have starters as well as advanced members in the Academy, and we all have one important thing in common: Love for Horses!

  • We value the input of our members. Choose topics you want to learn about
  • Get heard in our live group coaching calls and coached on your struggle
  • Your membership fee is fixed will never go up! Not even when the membership fee goes up (and it will!).

My vision is to create affordable and professional online support for horse women all over the world, so they can get the relationship with their horse they dream of, by offering positive reinforcement training, enhancing equine welfare and horse-human relationships.

Join us! Send us your application form

Focus of the Academy: to help you accomplish your goals, improve the bond with your horse in training and offer inspiration.


Choose a 3-month, 6-month or 1-year membership. Book a Connection Call me if you’d like to hear about Membership.

Develop your clicker skills in a supportive positive reinforcement community and bond with your horse in training.

After your payment is received you’ll get immediate access to all R+ courses in your account and a link to our Facebook group that has tons of information waiting for you! Once you join us, your membership fee will never go up!

Questions about the Academy? Give me a call or WhatsApp me: 1-778-888-6084 (Sandra) and we can have a conversation if you’re a fit for the Academy and if the Academy is a fit for you.

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