Online courses

DIY online courses for horse owners

Video courses that you can do yourself.


  • Start immediately
  • Watch the videos as often as you need to
  • Study whenever suits you best
  • Practise when it suits you and your horse
  • Perfect for self motivated horse people
  • Videos are great for people who are not native English speakers

Interactive online courses with personal support/coaching

These online courses come with personal support from Sandra. They start on specific dates.

Some courses are live via Zoom and won’t be recorded. Just like a normal workshop: you have to be there.

Other courses, like the Challenges, have a Facebook support group with live and/or recorded videos. You get feedback from Sandra on your horse training skills.


  • Personal feedback from Sandra on your training
  • The accountability of specific dates
  • Group support and group learning
  • Affordable way of enjoying personal coaching

These start on specific dates and some even on specific times (don’t miss it). Examples of interactive online courses are:

  • Sandra’s live webinars
  • HippoLogic Clicker Challenges
  • 8-week online courses
  • Trick Training webinars

See shop for more information.

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