4 Main Roadblocks in (Clicker) Training

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Self assessment: Have you hit one of the 4 most common roadblocks in clicker training

Do you struggle with

  • Procrastination in training, feeling of being “stuck”
  •  Doing the same with your horse day in, day out
  •  Do you have a horse that still won’t listen…
  •  Is your horse (still) sometimes hard to catch…
  •  Does he (still) don’t trailer load as well as you want…
  •  Is he (still) difficult to ride or it’s no fun to ride
  •  Does your horse not make progress you want or expected by now

No matter what kind of method you use in training, if this sounds familiar, you’ve hit one of 4 main roadblocks in horse training.


Roadblocks prevent you from being successful. In this video you get solutions.


Teaching horse people, riders and owners over 30 years I’ve noticed that people get stuck for the same reasons. No matter if you’re using Clicker Training, traditional training or doing Natural Horsemanship.

You’ll learn:

1) How to recognize your roadblocks
2) How you can overcome them, and
3) How to prevent them from blocking you in the future!



  • you’re you’re feeling frustrated
  • don’t know how to accomplish your dreams
  • don’t know how to start a specific behaviour with 100% R+

This is for you! You get hands on practical solutions that you can implement today!


This class is over 45 minutes long and comes with a workbook as well as the slides of the presentation.

This class is free for members of the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy




1 review for 4 Main Roadblocks in (Clicker) Training

  1. Lark Campisano

    Looking forward to learning from this, thanks.

    • Sandra (verified owner)

      Looking forward to meet you over Zoom. 🙂 Happy Horse training!

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