Clicker Coach


Please contact me to set a start date, see below. 

Become a R+ trainer and coach in this online intensive program!

After certification you may use the title HippoLogic Clicker Coach.

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Become a HippoLogic Clicker Coach (6 months one-on-one program)

one-on-one online intensive horse training program with weekly private coaching sessions on Zoom. Contact me to set a start date for your private certification to become a HippoLogic Clicker Coach. Great for professionals who don’t want to be in a group setting.

The program includes

  • Weekly live online classes (approx. 2 hours live online coaching weekly)
  • A private Facebook group to assign your homework, get feedback on your training and ask questions
  • Detailed instruction videos
  • Pdfs to download and print
  • Individual online coaching outside classes
  • Lifetime access to all course materials including free future updates of this course

Become a certified HippoLogic Clicker Coach!

  • 100% force free horse training techniques. No whips, ropes, training sticks. Everything based on clear communication that makes sense to the horse and will turn him into a willing listener and participant in your training
  • Develop your own training and lesson plans, based upon your clients horse and tailored to their situation
  • Learn proven success strategies that lead to predictable success in training horses with 100% R+ that you can teach your clients

3 Tier Program

  • Tier 1: Clicker Training Mastery is the first tier of a 3-tier program to become a certified HippoLogic Clicker Coach. (Also available as stand alone course)
  • Tier 2: Implement Your Mastery in a Case Study. In tier 2 participants choose their own case study to implement and deepen the techniques from the Mastery course. (Also available as stand alone course after successfully completed Clicker Training Mastery)
  • Tier 3: Didactics, Finding clients and other business aspects of becoming a(n online) HippoLogic clicker coach.

Tailored payment plans available for those who need it. Contact me or WhatsApp me on 1-778-888-6084. We’ll make it work for you!




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