Clicker Training Mastery (Behaviour of your Choice)


Sequence for participants of the Ultimate Clicker Training Formula program

Weekly LIVE online classes over Zoom (replays available )

In this intensive 8-week program you pick a case study and we’ll work on your dream behaviour.

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Clicker Training Mastery

8-Week online intensive equine clicker training program for people who participated in the Ultimate Clicker Training Formula and want to deepen their skills and start training their dream behaviour! Yes, you pick your dream goal for this course and we’ll work on making it happen with 100% Positive Reinforcement.

The program includes

  • Weekly live online classes (approx. 16 hours live online coaching) + access to all replays
  • A private Facebook group to assign your homework, get feedback on your training videos and ask questions
  • Detailed instruction videos with advanced training techniques
  • Tailored Shaping Plan
  • Pdfs with training tools
  • Individual online coaching in a group
  • Access to all course materials of this course for one year!

Focus of the course is to teach you

  • 100% force free horse training techniques. No whips, ropes, training sticks. Everything based on clear communication that makes sense to the horse and will turn him into a willing listener and participant in your training
  • Help you develop your own training plan, based upon your horse and tailored to your situation
  • Teach you proven success strategies that lead to predictable success in training your horse with 100% R+

You’ll understand your horse better and improve the friendship with your horse.

Clicker Training Mastery is the second tier of a 3-tier program to become a certified HippoLogic Clicker Coach. Tier 2 is only for those who successfully completed tier 1.

In tier 2 participants choose a case study to implement and deepen the techniques from the Ultimate Clicker Training Formula course. Tier 3 focuses on didactics and business aspects of becoming a clicker coach.



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