CTA Membership + 60 min Coaching session


Package deal

Amazing deal: get 50% off of a 60 minute coaching session with a membership

Clicker Training Academy members get:

  • Members have free access to over 10 online courses (all included in their membership) and new courses are added regularly!
  • Members get discounts to courses and coaching that are not included in the membership.
  • This is an online coaching and mentoring program. You can get personal feedback and advice on your training 5 days/week.
  • We are an amazing community in which we all support each other. Here you’re accepted for who you are: flaws and all (if you have any ;))
  • You’ll get access to the proven HippoLogic Training System that is based on 100% R+.
  • You’ll get training and shaping plans. I will help you tailor them for behaviours you want to master. Again, I like to offer personal support so that you can accomplish what YOU want.
  • Your membership fee is fixed and will never go up! It might go up for new members in the future as more features will be added!


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