Grass Training (online course)


Teach your horse to behave on grass

This ‘Grass Training Special’ package provides you with the tools & training techniques to train your horse to behave on grass.

Aim is to teach your horse to lead on grass, with slack in your lead rope, without unsolicited snacking. 

Undesired behaviours on grass are:

  • Pulling you towards grass
  • A horse that becomes pushy on or around grass
  • Not paying attention to you when grass is nearby
  • Unsolicited snacking on grass and pulling the lead rope or reins
  • Not listening when grass is nearby
  • Don’t stop grazing once you allow them
  • Ignore your cues
  • Are difficult to catch in the pasture or don’t want to leave the field
  • Stop to take a bite on trails or in the outdoor arena
  • Paying more attention to grass in the outdoor arena than to you at liberty training

Is your horse doing one or more of the above? Grass Training is for you! It’s super beneficial if you can give your horse the clarity he needs.

In this online course Grass Training you’ll learn how you can use positive reinforcement to:

  • Teach your horse solid Stop Grazing and Grazing-cues
  • Lead your horse on grass with slack in your lead rope
  • Teach your horse to ignore grass and other greens in training
Course content:
  • 27 Videos lessons
  • Printable workbook with a Step-by-step plan (shaping plan) to train your horse (pdf)
  • 14-day printable Training journal (pdf)
  • Baseline assessment form (pdf)
  • Self-evaluation tool (pdf)

This course is not included in the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy. Members do get a discount to this course and to the Grass Training Special. 

If you think you can use some support teaching your horse to behave on grass, consider joining the Grass Training Special that include online Coaching!

Scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions about Grass Training.



Aim of Grass Training:

  • Teach your horse to Stop Grazing, Ignore Grass and Graze Now on cue with positive reinforcement
  • Building duration so that you’ll be able to lead your horse on grass (without unsolicited snacking)
  • Learn to keep your horse’s attention on you, when grass is around so you’re in charge again
  • Accountability & group learning


My horse is insulin resistant and can’t have (much) grass. Is this program right for us?

>> Yes, because especially insulin resistant horses can benefit so much from the clarity of understanding a Stop (or Non) Grazing-cue

My horse is overweight and won’t stop grazing at all. I’m worried that she will eat too much grass in training before I will be able to teach her a solid Stop Grazing-cue. Am I too worried?

>> No, I understand your worry. Some horses seem to have a tendency to keep eating once you let them. In the Grass Training Special I also share techniques to train a Stop Grazing-cue without grass.

I’ve no experience at all with clicker training my horse. Do you think this is the right fit for us?

>> The more experience you have clicker training your horse, the better your results will be. Grass Training is not the best behaviour to start clicker training your horse if you, or your horse, have no experience with positive reinforcement training. However, if you contact me directly (WhatsApp me 1-778-888-6084 or email, we can evaluate what you need to do to prepare your horse to become a good fit for Grass Training.

What are the prerequisites for Grass Training/Grass Training Special?

>> In order to set yourself and your horse up for Success you both need to have a basic foundation of positive reinforcement (clicker) training:

Your horse needs to know what a ‘click’ (bridge signal) means.

Your horse need to master Key Lesson Table Manners (safe behaviour around food and taking treats safely off of your hand)

You need to be willing to work use positive reinforcement (R+) in your Grass Training sessions in order to succeed.

Behaviours that help increase your success rate in Grass Training are: leading, whoa, walk on, Key Lesson Targeting and Key Lesson Head lowering.

Bonus benefits of Grass Training your horse:

  • Grass training is something ALL horses LIKE very much: grazing is involved and no punishment for it! The more clarity you provide and the more you learn to listen to your horse, the more your horse will trust you and will be looking forward to your next training. Grass Training is a great way to enhance the friendship with your horse
  • Grass Training will give you incredible and long-lasting results if you do it right. When you’ve tried everything (from wiggling the lead rope, pulling your horse’s head up, keeping the lead rope short and maybe even tapping with your training stick or bumping his nose lightly with your foot) you probably know that it only helped in the moment (if at all) and your horse seemed to forget his lesson immediately. You’ll notice how annoying and frustrating leading on grass was, once you’ve solved it.
  • Once you’ll understand the Key Lesson Principles of Learning & Motivation, you know exactly why your previous strategies weren’t working and what you need to change that they will.


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