Grass Training


This course provides you with all the tools and training techniques to teach your horse to lead on grass, without him pulling or pushing you.


  • Over 27 video lessons

Downloadable workbook with training tools:

  • Step-by-step plan to train your horse (shaping plan)
  • 14-day Training journal
  • Baseline assessment form
  • Self-evaluation tool

This course is a self paced online course, without coaching.

Most people like to start with Grass Training and get individual feedback and coaching, so they avoid minor pitfalls right from the start. You can get 14-days of online coaching with Grass Training. Click here for the >> best value package! <<


  • Your horse follows you when your leading him with slack in the lead rope and ignores grass (he won’t even try)
  • No more frustration because your horse is being naughty or behaving like an ass (which is just another equine!)
  • Your horse will trust you more because you give him clarityTo Graze or Not to Graze
  • No more feeling like a failure. Now it will be clear to anyone that you’ve trained your horse well.
  • You’ll be proud and enjoy your horse more!

>> PS This course is not included in the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy. Members do get a discount. Don’t forget to ask me about it.


  • Best training ever for your horse! He will immediately pay attention to you when he understands there is a Start Grazing-cue. This will be the quickest learning of a cue.
  • By giving your horse something he wants, you immediately have his attention!
  • Great way to practise your training skills without doing harm, training undesired behaviour or ruin other trained behaviours
  • If you offer clarity (I teach you how), your horse will trust you and will be looking forward to your next training. It’s a great foundation for friendship between you and your horse
  • It will give you incredible, long lasting(!) results. You’ll notice how annoying and frustrating it was, once you’ve solve it.





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