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Click HERE to book your FREE Discovery Session to get a glimpse of your future. In this 60 min conversation we’ll explore:

– Your hopes and dreams and goals so that we can see what’s possible for you and your horse
– Where you’re now, where you want to go and which path is right for you
– What’s holding you back so you can make a plan to get these hurdles out of your way.

At the end of the call I’ll give you some ideas and advice for your next steps and if it looks like a fit, we can explore what it looks like to work together.

To get started, simply email me with the days (dates) and times (include your time zone!) that you can connect with me in the next two weeks: and put “Discovery Call” in the headline.

Or CLICK HERE to book a time directly into my calendar

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1. I don’t live near you, can I still get a free session?

Yes, our call is online and I use Zoom. It’s free and you only need a smart phone or a computer with microphone, speakers and a camera. It’s very easy to use.

2. I don’t have Zoom or I never used it. Can you explain more?

Yes, of course. Zoom is free and you can download the app here. Make sure you test your mic and speakers before we get on a call. You don’t want to spent your 60 minutes with me spending on simple technical details.

3. I don’t want to buy your coaching or join your online course, can I still get a free Discovery Call?

Yes, my purpose is to help horse owners and horse lovers like you, so if I can point you in the right direction I still will be happy. Not every one that has a Discovery Session buys my services and that’s not the purpose. The purpose is to get to know you, I like people!

4. I’ve had a Discovery Call with you before and I have some more questions. Can I contact you?

Of course you can! Just book a time slot in my calendar. Click here: or if it’s a short question and you live in North America feel free to call or WhatsApp me. My number is 1-778-888-6084. I live in BC, Canada in timezone PST (Pacific Standard Time).

5. I don’t believe that online coaching is for me or I don’t understand HOW it can help me if you’re not there in person. Do you think I need to find an in-person instructor?

I believe online coaching is not suitable for everybody. If you’re a total beginner or don’t have any horse experience this is indeed not for you. Online coaching is very suitable for advanced and expert horse people. Why not book al call to find out more? Click here

6. What do others have to say about you, HippoLogic and your services?

Find out more here

7. What currency are your prices in?

I live in Canada and all prices on the website are in Canadian Dollar (CAD $)



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