HippoLogic Clicker Challenge

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Find the holes in your training and fix them in two weeks by  participating in this online clicker challenge.

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HippoLogic Clicker Challenge

HippoLogic’s Clicker Challenge last two weeks and on the first of the month
We start again in September, feel free to register today to reserve your seat.

This Clicker Challenge is for all equestrians who want to expand their horizon and improve their horse training skills in a positive and fun way.

It is a like a puzzle: you get the pieces (the goal, the tools and techniques) and you have to play with them and figure out how they fit together. If you are stuck I am here to help you. In this way you gain the knowledge you need to train your horse as well as the experience! You will feel how it is to train your horse without an instructor, because you can do it yourself.

By the end of the two weeks you’ll listen to your horse better. You will pick up his subtle messages, you’ll see more body language happening and you can interpret your horses messages. Horse training will make sense and it will be clear as a bell what you have to do in order to recreate your successes. After two weeks you will feel more confident in your ability to train your horse.

We will have our own online private group to share our experiences, training videos, ask all your questions and encourage each other to our highest potential.



Improve your equine clicker training skills in just 2 weeks.

The #HippoLogicClickerChallenge helps you:
– Write your own training plan
– Plan your training days (something a lot of people struggle with)
– Set up your training as effective as possible with short, sweet sessions
– Make your training fun and easy for your horse and a bit more challenging for the trainer)

– Improve shaping behaviours in your horse
– Improve ‘duration’ in training (longer display of a behaviour)
– Teach your horse how to deal with context shifts (changes in environment and still get the same quality of behaviour)
– Improve your timing (using cues, bridge signal, food delivery)
– Understanding your horse better by noticing and interpreting changes in your horses’ body language
– Practise HippoLogic’s Key Lessons (“Your Key to Success in Clicker Training”)
– Find and fix the ‘holes’ in your training you might not even be aware of.

Here is what will you get if you enter the #HippoLogicClickerChallenge:

– a training challenge at your own level
– 2 weeks of daily (!) tailored help in my private FB group
– a fun learning experience with like-mined equestrians

Before you sign up, consider this: You HAVE TO be dedicated to make this work: a minimum of 3 days/week training to complete the basic level and 3-5 days/week training for advanced and expert level.

You don’t have to ‘choose’ a level when you participate. Everyone starts with the basic exercise and adds criteria along the way. It will be wonderful to see what you can achieve in 2 weeks.

Purple level= Contains the Key Lesson you need to succeed in this Challenge and is useful in almost every complex behaviour you want to teach your horse. It is the first building block.

Green level = basic training assignment, achievable for novice clicker trainers, green horses and trainers with limited time

Blue level = basic level + extra criteria
Red level = advanced level + extra criteria

This super FUN learning experience is an amazing deal!

Who is it for:

  • Positive reinforcement trainers of all levels
  • Equestrians who like challenges
  • Equestrians who are open to leaning and willing to try new things
  • Equestrians who want to expand their horizon
  • Equestrians who think the method of training is/the way to get to the result is just as important as the result in itself

Who is it NOT for:

  • Equestrians without any experience with positive reinforcement (clicker) training. Ask about the Key Lesson course
  • Equestrians who want to ‘win’ this challenge. It is not about winning, it is about developing your skills and growing
  • Equestrians who are looking for short cuts in training
  • Equestrians who are not willing to schedule 3-5 training sessions for the next two weeks

I can’t wait to see you in the #HippoLogicClickerChallenge.

3 reviews for HippoLogic Clicker Challenge

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Miki & Luke

    I have participated in 2 clicker challenges so far and I got a lot out of both of them. The challenges were well thought out and very helpful as foundational behaviours that can be built upon in lots of different ways. The group format allowed us to learn from each other in a supportive environment and Sandra’s training guides and coaching really helped to encourage us to problem solve and think about how small we can break down the behaviours to see great progress with each group member’s posts.

    Highly recommend!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Patricia Elkins and Iliana (verified owner)

    I have done all the clicker challenges so far and have learned so much each time. I never thought that Iliana and I could progress so well, but with these group challenges, as well as having the help and expertise of Sandra, we also see what each other are doing and support and learn from that. I learnt timing, patience, and so much more!
    I absolutely recommend the challenges to everyone!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hilde Cecilie Kvia (verified owner)

    This was the first time I did the clicker challenge. I joined because I really needed to learn how to plan and evaluate my progress. Shakira already knew parts of the challenge itself, so this one was mostly for me. Stay focused, stick with the plan, but still be able to replan. The calendar, the template shaping plan and the starter training logbook gave me a kick start. Getting help and advice from Sandra was priceless. And I loved to see the videos from the other participants. I think we all improved a lot. I’ve already given myself and Shakira a christmas challenge. I’m also going to make a plan for 2018. It will be a great year!

    Please join a challenge, you will not regret it. So much to learn, and so fun to do it!

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