HippoLogic Clicker Challenge


Find the holes in your training and fix them in two weeks by  participating in this online clicker challenge.

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Two week online Clicker Challenge

HippoLogic’s Clicker Challenge last two weeks.

Starts December 1st, 2017 – ends December 14th, 2017. For the RED LEVEL in the December Clicker Challenge, the horse must be used to have a rider on his back. Not necessary for PURPLE, GREEN and BLUE.

The Clicker Challenge is for all equestrians who want to expand their horizon and improve their horse training skills in a positive and fun way.

We will have our own online private group to share our experiences, ask all your questions and encourage each other to our highest potential.


Improve your equine clicker training skills in just 2 weeks.

The #HippoLogicClickerChallenge helps you:
– Write your own training plan
– Plan your training days (something a lot of people struggle with)
– Set up your training as effective as possible with short, sweet sessions
– Make your training fun and easy for your horse and a bit more challenging for the trainer)

– Improve shaping behaviours in your horse
– Improve ‘duration’ in training (longer display of a behaviour)
– Teach your horse how to deal with context shifts (changes in environment and still get the same quality of behaviour)
– Improve your timing (using cues, bridge signal, food delivery)
– Understanding your horse better by noticing and interpreting changes in your horses’ body language
– Practise HippoLogic’s Key Lessons (“Your Key to Success in Clicker Training”)
– Find and fix the ‘holes’ in your training you might not even be aware of.

Here is what will you get if you enter the #HippoLogicClickerChallenge:

– a training challenge at your own level
– 2 weeks of daily (!) tailored help in my private FB group
– a fun learning experience with like-mined equestrians

Before you sign up, consider this: You HAVE TO be dedicated to make this work: a minimum of 3 days/week training to complete the basic level and 3-5 days/week training for advanced and expert level.

You don’t have to ‘choose’ a level when you participate. Everyone starts with the basic exercise and adds criteria along the way. It will be wonderful to see what you can achieve in 2 weeks.

Purple level= Contains the Key Lesson you need to succeed in this Challenge and is useful in almost every complex behaviour you want to teach your horse. It is the first building block.

Green level = basic training assignment, achievable for novice clicker trainers, green horses and trainers with limited time

Blue level = basic level + extra criteria
Red level = advanced level + extra criteria

This super FUN learning experience is an amazing deal!

I can’t wait to see you in the #HippoLogicClickerChallenge.


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