Leg lifting for trimming


This course is an extended shaping plan in the form of videos for teaching your horse to lift his legs for cleaning and trimming. It’s is updated in 2021.

When you purchase this course you’ll get immediate access to 18 videos (You have to LOGIN at the right top corner to do so). This course¬† will teach you:

  • Multiple positive reinforcement techniques you can use to train picking up feet
  • Shaping plans for each leg in two different positions (to prepare your horse for trimming)
  • Explanation of the HippoLogic R+ Training system
  • The process of training behaviours
  • Horse training videos

Added in 2021: Module “Troubleshooting”

>> PS This course just one of the many courses included in the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy!  Click HERE to learn more about the Clicker Training Academy.

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