R+ Training for Overweight Horses


Is your horse overweight? Do you find it hard to get him in shape using positive reinforcement? Do you want to get him back to a healthy weight, and improving his welfare? If that’s important to you, this is for you!

Dates 2023

April 3
April 10
April 17
Sept 11
Sept 18
Sept 24


In this 2-week program with (online) coaching & live Q&A’s you’ll learn to get your horse in shape, using positive reinforcement.

Learn horse friendly solutions to support your horse back to health while sustaining his mental wellbeing. No crash diets or intensive traditional training, this program is aimed at long lasting solutions, that keeps stress for you and your horse at a minimum.

This holistic program supports you to get your horse healthy again in three ways.

  1. Pillar 1: Health & Welfare. Get your horse to lose weight in a healthy way (no crash diet) that supports his welfare while following the advice of your equine professionals
  2. Pillar 2: Management. How to make small management changes that’ll have a huge impact on weight loss and getting him back in shape, even when you board your horse
  3. Pillar 3: R+ Movement training. How to make movement appetitive for your horse and use positive reinforcement constructively.

We’ll spent the most time on R+ movement Training, because participants struggle the most with teaching their horse to offer movement.

When your horse offers movement, you take away the bottle neck of your struggle. Your horse moves on his own and by himself and exercises to burn off calories suddenly become within reach!

In this group coaching program you get lots of personal attention and feedback, to support you to implement the changes!

You don’t have to do this alone! It’s already stressful enough to worry about your overweight/laminitis horse! I know how hard it can be, to stick with a movement program when you don’t see results for your horse right away. Therefor I take you by the hand for 2 weeks to give you the foundation you need, to keep going after the program and book results! You get to pick my brain for 14 days and I’ll support you during this whole time.

You can book a free connection call with me before you join, to verify this is right for you.

Read on, scroll down!

In 2016 my horse Kyra got laminitis and I had to get her in shape. I did this making changes in her Health (without compromising on her welfare!), changed a few important things in her Management (care) and developed a successful R+ exercise program for my energy-saving/Whoa-horse! By sticking with it, Kyra got back in shape and learned to love movement!

In this program I share tons of experience that I have gained over the years with my own horse and helping others. Kyra never got laminitis again and she maintained an acceptable, healthy weight.

I wondered:
  • ‘Can I train without treats?’ Yes, but I’ll show you that you don’t need to!
  • ‘How do I exercise my horse with clicker training if she hates to move?’ I changed my training and made movement appetitive. So yes, it’s totally possible!
  • ‘How do I slim my horse down, without a horrible crash diet?’ I have multiple strategies to share with you, that will keep your horse happy while losing weight.
I get these questions also from other horse owners, since they know I help overweight horses to lose weight with positive reinforcement. My vet told me to stop feeding treats, put her on a (crash!) diet and to exercise her daily! Trouble started because Kyra quickly developed stereotypical behaviours on her restrictive diet, in her solitary confinement paddock. She started pacing along the fence and chewing on wood (she ate a hole in her shelter in just one afternoon!). It was devastating, until I decided to make some horse friendly changes. This saved our relationship and we even bonded over the whole experience. In this program I share all of this with you.
  • My changes helped her to lose weight, without using R-/P.
  • I found ways to use R+ in her exercise regime, without using unhealthy treats.
  • I discovered horse friendly Management changes, that kept her teeth off of the wood and that stopped her pacing the fence, while she was on a diet. Without 24/7 hay, which she couldn’t have.
Before and after photos of Kyra
In this program I’m going to be teaching a small group of participants how get their laminitis/overweight horse back on track, without giving up on R+. 
This is for you, if you:
  • Clicker train your horse
  • Have a horse that is overweight or (is prone to) laminitis and you need to make some changes
  • Your horse is unwilling to move the amount he needs, in order to lose weight.
If you are SERIOUS to get your horse IN SHAPE under professional guidance. This, is for you!
If you’re done with having to fall back onto R- because you don’t see another way.
If you’re done with horse unfriendly ways to nurture your horse back to health.

And, if you’re done with the naysayers to treats and people who encourage traditional training for your sick horse. And you want to be a part of this special training, join us today or book a free connection call with me to verify this is for you.

Please, note that:

  1. You need to have a solid basic clicker training foundation in order to succeed in this program (your horse can target, you’ve put behaviours on cue successfully). If you want to be sure you meet the prerequisites, please book a call before you join.
  2. Limited space! Maximum 10 participants, in order to guarantee enough personal attention for every participant to improve their horse.
  3. Members of the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy get 15% discount (ask me how to join) and get priority seating.

This program is only offered once a year.


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