Set Your Equestrian Goals & Achieve them!


Easy step-by-step program to turn your equestrian dreams and vague equestrian goals into achievable goals you really can accomplish. With this course you turn your goals into a training plan so you know what to work on and what results you are aimingfor. Once you master the tools and techniques I hand you in this course, you can benefit the rest of your life from it.



September 1st, 2018

December 1st, 2018

January 1st, 2019

Or a tailored date for groups of minimum 5

Are you doing with your horse what you dreamt of when you bought him? Or did you forget what those dreams were? Do you want to achieve more with your horse?

Some of the benefits students experienced:

  • Become the rider you always wanted to be
  • Learn to set achievable goals that fit you and your horse
  • Learn to brake down your goal and turn it into your personal step-by-step training program
  • Turn your daily training into training sessions that truly benefit your goals
  • Learn to stay motivated and on track, even if you ‘fail’ or if ‘life gets in the way’ of your plans
  • Discover what your really would like to achieve most
  • Learn to make your training efficient and fun for both horse and human, no more frustration and struggle
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Celebrate your successes with like-minded people!

Once you master the tools and techniques I hand you in this course, you can benefit the rest of your life from it.

This 4 week course will be online and will contain weekly emails, exercises, pdf’s and video material to empower you to make your goals achievable.

MODULE 1 Turn Equestrian Dreams into Goals the easy way
MODULE 2 Tools & Techniques that help overcome procrastination
MODULE 3 How to stay motivated on your own
MODULE 4 Celebrate Your First Success

BONUS Students get free access to a private Facebook support group during the course to ask questions and get tailored advice about their goals and planning. After that you can decide to become a member of HippoLogic’s  Accountability Partner program.

Let this be the year you can look back on proudly!


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