Shaping Plan Trailer Training


This is a shaping plan (step-by-step guide) to clicker train your horse to travel in a trailer.

  1. Easy loading
  2. Calm traveling
  3. Confident unloading

17 pages

Downloadable pdf


  • Description of goal behaviours
  • Bonus behaviour
  • Prerequisites for Trailer Training
  • Training tips
  • 6 Phases of Trailer Training:
    1. Familiarizing with the trailer
    2. Loading/unloading
    3. In the trailer (duration)
    4. Unloading
    5. Traveling
    6. Generalisation of the behaviour
  • Ways to prepare your horse to trailers when you don’t have a trailer
  • General tips for training traumatized horses
  • A Trailer Training Checklist
  • Checklist ‘Calm & Relaxed’

trailer loading trailer training shaping plan


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