Printable Clicker Training Journal


Finally an easy way to track your training! Journaling consistently can be challenging, and this Clicker Training Journal makes it very easy!

Content (29 pages)

  • Beautiful cover page that keeps you inspired!
  • Page numbers for your convenience
  • Introduction
  • Clear instructions: How to use this Clicker Training Journal and get the best out of your training
  • Baseline Evaluation form with instructions
  • 30-day Track Your Training Journal (no dates, so you can use this over and over)
  • 2-Week Evaluation (for simple behaviours)
  • 4-Week Evaluation (for simple and a bit more complex behaviours)
  • 3-Month Evaluation (for complex behaviours that take time to train)
  • 6-Month Evaluation (for complex behaviours that take time to built muscles, stamina etc.)
  • 1-Year Evaluation (for very complex behaviours, like starting a horse under saddle with R+)
  • Self Evaluation/diploma to hang on your wall to celebrate your Success!


  • Notes
  • Resources: Useful links to start clicker training your horse
  • Link to free Clicker Training course for beginners
  • Tips for Advanced Clicker Trainers

Useful for novice clicker trainers:

  • Provides links to many resources to start clicker training
  • Provides a link to my free Click with Your Horse course, an introduction in Equine Clicker Training
  • Helps you start the right way!

Useful for advanced clicker trainers

  • Contains a baseline assessment form
  • Track your progress of training complex behaviours with the 2-week, 4-week, 3-month, 6-month and 1-year evaluation forms
  • Self evaluation form to improve your skills quicker
  • Tips for in-depth use of a Training Journal

Downloadable and printable, ready to use. Simply print out the pages you need!

Keeping track of your progress in clicker training is one of the most fundamental things you can do in order to become a successful equine clicker trainer. It’s an easy tool, yet so many equestrians don’t use this fantastic training tool or use it inefficiently.

This journal helps you summarize your most important training points within one minute and still reap the benefits of this very useful training tool.


his is a digital PDF file (opened best with Adobe Reader) and is designed to be printed on US letter size paper (8 1/2″ x 11″)


There are no refunds on this digital design; once you receive the file, the sale is final. However, I will do everything possible to make sure you are happy with your order. If you have any problems, I will work with you until any issues are resolved.


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