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Teach your horse to lie down

In this 2 hour webinar you will:

  • learn everything you need to know to teach your horse to lie down
  • learn different techniques that can help you get to the same result
  • know how to put this behaviour on cue

It will be an interactive webinar with lots of Q&A time.

After this online class you:

  • know everything you need to know to start teaching your horse to lie down
  • have a step-by-step training plan for your horse
  • know how to set yourself and your horse up for success

Limited space available. Class size is max 10 participants.

Is this right for me?

  • You’re an advanced horse person and want to learn as much as possible
  • Your horse is already used to (some) clicker training/ positive reinforcement training
  • You are already using with positive reinforcement (bridge signal (click/word) + reinforcer) on a regular bases
  • You want to know how people train their horse to lie down on cue
  • You have been working on lying down and now you need help
  • You want to learn if there are new angles to teach this behaviour


Because this is an online class you can’t bring your horse. However, people who pre-register with the form below will get the opportunity to send in a short video of their horse lying down and get feedback in our online class.

Who is this not for?

This is not for you if:

  • You don’t use positive reinforcement/clicker training or don’t know what this is
  • You don’t want to use clicker training to train your horse to lie down
  • You don’t have a horse
  • Are not interested in learning the principles of learning and motivation

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1 review for Trick Training Webinar

  1. Kris Dawson (verified owner)

    I loved it! The workbook is very helpful as was the slow motion video. The steps presented are clear and concise and all of my questions were answered. Sandra really inspired me, encouraged me to think outside the box and helped me understand better how to break the process into easy steps to make an attainable plan.

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