Ultimate Horse Training Formula (10 week online course)

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Thursday February 21st – April 25th 2019

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Ultimate Horse Training Formula: Key Lessons, Your Key to Success in Positive Reinforcement Horse Training.

Learn to Clicker Train Your Horse in 10 weeks


At the end of this online course you will have the best foundation you can imagine to train your horse with positive reinforcement!

We will boost your confidence and your horse training skills in this intensive 10 week course:

You will learn how to built behaviours, how to split complex behaviours into simple training steps, how to use positive reinforcement (adding something valuable for the learner, the horse so he starts looking forward to work with you) without causing frustration. How to prevent mugging and other undesired behaviours in your horse.

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Ultimate Horse Training Formula: Key Lessons, Your Key to Success

(10 week online course, similar to the 8 week course but less intensive and more Q&A time)

The course includes

  • Weekly Webinars (approx. 20 hours live online coaching) + access to all replays
  • Access to our private Facebook group to assign your homework, ask questions and get tailored support
  • Workbook ‘Key Lessons, Your Key to Susses in Equine Clicker Training‘ with template of a training logbook, shaping plan and more
  • Instruction videos

Bonus #1: eBook “Key Lessons, Your Key to Success in Equine Clicker Training” (value $27)

Bonus #2: life time access to the Facebook support group

Bonus #3: life time access to all course updates.

Yes, you can join this course every time it is offered in the future! For no additional costs! Even with another horse! I do this because you can get the knowledge in 8 weeks but not the experience.  I want you to master all course material, not just a part.

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In this course we will cover 6 Key Lessons for Horses:

  • ‘Table Manners’ for horses: teach your horse how you want him to behave around food
  • Targeting: teach your horse to touch an object so you can use this tool to teach anything you want
  • Mat Training: teach your horse to target with his hooves so you can send him anywhere
  • ‘Patience’: teach your horse to wait for your cues
  • Head lowering: help your horse become calm, stay calm and more
  • Backing: helps you make trailer unloading, going through gates, aligning with the mounting block and so on so easy!

That’s not all, we will also cover 6 Key Lessons for Trainers:

  • Positive Reinforcement: Timing & Smooth food delivering
  • Shaping plan: Split behaviour in order to make training simple and complex behaviours easy
  • Training Plan: Helps you plan and achieve your goals
  • Training Journal: Change your training diary into a valuable training tool
  • Accountability partner: Stay motivated and keep your momentum in training in order to be successful and re-create your success
  • Emotions in Training: keep your horse’s emotions under threshold, minimize frustration, maximize fun

After this course you can:

  • Put a behaviour on cue
  • Get better quality behaviours
  • Create a system in your training
  • Distinguish different kind of reinforcers (low value/high value) and when to use them

You get an e-mail reminder a few days before the course starts

Tailored payment plans available for those who need it. Contact me hippologic@clickertraining.ca We will make it work for you!


1 review for Ultimate Horse Training Formula (10 week online course)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hilde Cecilie Kvia

    When I started this course in May 2018, I thought I knew quite a bit about clicker training. And I did, but now, eight weeks later, I know heaps more! There were so many holes in my knowledge. I had taught my horses tricks, but didn’t have a plan for doing it, and I hardly knew how it happened. Now I’m writing shaping plans, I know what to do, why I do it, what I want as an end result. I review my training sessions, write in my training diary, focus on the positive and keep working towards my goal. The weekly webinar with Sandra is a highlight. She is so knowledgeable and kind, you never feel like a fool, whatever strange questions you ask. Her feedbacks on the video recordings are gold worth.
    I really recommend this course!!

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