Ultimate Horse Training Formula (online)


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2020 Ultimate Horse Training Formula, Key Principles to become a successful clicker trainer

Weekly LIVE coaching sessions:        Times are in Pacific Standard Time/PST

Data live online classes 2020:

Module 1: February 15

Module 2: February 22

Module 3: March 1

Module 4: March 7

Module 5: March 14

Module 6: March 21

Module 7: March 28

Module 8: April 5

In 2020 this course will also be available for self study: no live webinars, videos and FB support group only.

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Ultimate Horse Training Formula, Key Principles to become a successful clicker trainer

Do you feel there is ‘more’ to discover? Do you miss that ‘se ne sais que’ in riding lessons, instruction and clinics, but you can’t voice out loud what it is?

This is the course for you!

8 week online course Ultimate Horse Training Formula, Key Principles to become a successful clicker trainer

Learn to work together with your horse, get the confidence to give your horse a voice in training without getting lost or feeling out of control and get the results in training you really, really, really want. Results based on your horse’s eagerness and love for you to work with you.

At the end of this 8 week course you will have the best foundation you can imagine to train your horse with confidence and understanding the principles of learning and motivation so you can built on your relationship and enjoy having a horse again.

We will boost your confidence and your horse training skills in this intensive 8 week online course:

You will learn how to train the behaviours you want. You will learn things most horse trainers are very secretive about. You will walk away with the knowledge and all the steps: from dreaming about it to actually doing it!

You will built on your relationship through training so your horse starts looking forward to work with you and you both will have more fun.

At the end of this online course you will have the best foundation you can imagine to train your horse with positive reinforcement!

After this course your confidence in yourself and your horse training skills are boosted.:

You will know how to train behaviours from scratch, how to split complex behaviours into simple training steps, how to make training interesting to your horse, so he really enjoys it as much as you do and to recognize his feelings.

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The course includes

  • Weekly Webinars (approx. 16 hours live online coaching) + access to all replays
  • Access to our private Facebook group to assign your homework, ask questions and get tailored support
  • Templates of a training logbook, shaping plan and more
  • Lots of clear instruction videos


Get confident in your own horse training skills and unlock your potential with the HippoLogic Key Principles, Your Key to Success.

  • Understand the complete process of training: from idea to performance.
  • Learn to train your horse in 100% positive ways
  • Get confident in your own training skills
  • Bond with your horse in training
Amaze your friends at the barn with your new skills!
Registration is now open for February 2020
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You get an email reminder a few days before the course starts

Do you have questions? Please fill in the form and I will answer within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.I don’t know if an online course is right for me or I don’t understand HOW it can help me if you’re not there in person. Do you think I need to find an in-person instructor?

I believe online coaching or an online is not suitable for everybody. If you’re a total beginner or don’t have any horse experience this is indeed not for you. Online coaching is very suitable for advanced and expert horse people. Why not book a free call to find out more? Click here calendly.com/hippologic 

2. How do you assess my progress in the course?

You will get templates for shaping plan and other homework assignments that you fill in, scan or take a picture off and upload in our group. I also ask you to make videos of your training. In this way you’ll get personal and tailored feedback on your training.

3. What do others have to say about you, HippoLogic and this course?

Find out more here

4. What currency are your prices in?

I live in Canada and all prices on the website are in Canadian Dollar (CAD $)

5. How do I pay?

You can pay online on my website. I offer custom payment plans for those who want to pay instalments. Just get on the phone (I prefer Zoom) with me and we work something out. Book a time here or send me an email hippologic@gmail.com


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