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Package deal


Video evaluation package deal

Video coaching includes a detailed analysis of your video, advice specific to your situation and a follow-up to make sure you get your results. Scroll down for a detailed description.

One video consult includes

  • a personal evaluation of your ‘before’ video + one coaching session
  • a personal evaluation of your ‘after’ video

Send a video (max 5 minutes) of where you are stuck in your in training and I will evaluate your video. During our Zoom call I give you very specific ways to improve your training and I will teach you how you can avoid these personal pitfalls, so you can train more effectively.

Two weeks after the first evaluation you send in your ‘after’ video and you get your second evaluation. Two sessions in one!

Usually one video consult is sufficient to improve a behaviour.

Benefits of video coaching

  • Tailored help for you and your horse
  • Improved relationship with your horse
  • One on one help via Zoom from an expert
  • You are the one that gets the experience, not the instructor
  • An experienced accountability partner that helps you achieve your goals
  • Practise/train/ride your horse at times when it suits you
  • No travel costs

Online training consult includes:

  • Intake session over Zoom (30-45 min)
  • Detailed evaluations of your ‘before’ and your ‘after’ videos
  • Personal positive reinforcement advise for you and your horse

After the video coaching you can enroll into HippoLogic’s Accountability Partner Program where I will be your personal accountability partner.

If you have done your homework and the behaviour has not improved, I will give a 50% discount to an additional video coaching session for the same behaviour.

1 review for Video evaluation and coaching

  1. V, Canada

    1. Before you entered the online coaching month you won, what were you hoping to get out of it?

    Was there some particular problem you were struggling with, something you wanted, something that wasn’t happening for you?
    I was struggling to do good, balanced in hand work with my horses. We had the problem that I had problems recognizing when my horse is balanced good and my horses didn’t really understand that I just wanted them to bend at the poll without bending the hole neck or things like that.

    2. Was there anything about the online coaching program that made you second guess, made it hard to decide or almost prevented you from coming?

    I was very skeptical about the online coaching. Especially since I was clickertraining since a while and made pretty good progress on my own with things like trick training and behaviour training. But had problems with any kind of gymnastic work.
    Now after 4 weeks I am surprised how much even more seems to be possible.

    3. What did you like best about the experience?

    For me the best part was that it kept me on track. I got motivated and also a little challenged cause I wanted to show of what my horses and I learned and could do.
    Also it was just great to have someone to discuss positive reinforcement based training with. Also Sandra was always very friendly, motivated and engaged! It was very clear that she wants her students to succeed and is very happy over every little success that her students and their horses have. In addition to her very friendly and happy nature Sandra has lots of knowledge and definitely knows her stuff but also knows how to teach this in a good and motivating way. For example she extra made a video with her horse to show me how to use the target to become a good bend at the poll.
    Overall this was a very good experience for me and I am looking forward to many more coaching sessions with Sandra.

    4.Is there anything you would have liked to be different? Do you have any suggestions that would make it even better?
    5. What have been the results now that you have done the program? What has been the impact on your relationship with your horse or your training?

    We did work a lot on the bending at the poll and I got different ideas and technique into my tool box that I can use now. In addition to that I also (and that was surprising to me) got more confident in judging when these things are going into a biomechanical right directions and to trust my feelings when a horse is balanced and when not a little bit more.
    Also even so we never intended to work on that both of my horses suddenly offered a nice controlled trott next to me that I was able to get then under stimulus control.

    6. Anything else you want to add? If you were going to recommend this online coaching program to a friend, how would you describe the online coaching?

    I would describe it as a really good coaching program that keeps you engaged, motivated, builds up you knowledge and confidence and gives you just more tools into your toolbox.

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