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Once you can make your own shaping plans you can provide the clarity your horse needs. You and your horse will encounter less frustration in training and can have more fun!

Your horse will learn faster if you have a training plan that is in line with his natural learning process and that is tailored to his experience.

Can you imagine that your training will go faster and with more ease, if you have a training plan that is actually written for your horse and custom-made for your situation?

In this class I take you through the steps and I will show you how you can do this. Once you’ve done it, you can replicate the process with all behaviours you want to train because the process will always be the same.

A shaping plan is written step-by-step approach of how to train a behaviour.

Shaping plans:

  • Will give you clarity: when to click, when to raise your criteria and when you’ve reached your goal
  • Give your horse clarity and prevent frustration or lack of engagement
  • Will help get predictable results in training!

Most people struggle with making shaping plans and skip them. They think they will get results without them, until they realize that having a good shaping plan makes training so much easier, faster and more fun for both you and your horse.

In this interactive online workshop I teach you how to write your own plans. In this workshop we will work on a shaping plan with a topic of your choice so that you 1) can practise the process 2) have a ready-to-use plan right after class

Registering for this Zoom class is easy: fill in the contact form below, send the date you want to join and let me know what behaviour you’re want to write a shaping plan for.

4 hour workshop on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm Pacific Time/ 6 pm CEST/ 11 am CDT (click here to convert to your time zone)


  • October 24, 2020
  • November 28, 2020
  • December 19, 2020

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In this creative workshop we will brainstorm together about a plan to teach your horse a behaviour of your choice. If you’ve ever wondered “How can I train X, Y or Z?” or hear a voice in your head saying”I wish I knew how I could do that with R+” then you’re in the right place.

In 4 hours (you get a tea/coffee break) I will take you from where you’re at in training to where you want to go. How amazing would it be if you know exactly

  • How to train your desired behaviour
  • Where to start
  • How you can makes it as easy as possible for your horse to understand what you want, so he’ll start offering behaviours that you can click for.

Having a detailed shaping plan helps builds trust in training: buy offering clarity take the worry away from your horse and prevent frustration. Your horse needs you and he relies on your cues, so the more clear you are the easier it will become for your horse.

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