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Bonding with horses

Solving Problem Behavior with Clicker Training (Leg Lifting)

One of my horses, Fionn, is not (yet) cool about lifting his legs for cleaning and trimming. I’ve never had mini horses before but I can totally see how people would manhandle them instead of training them properly. An adult is so much stronger and it’s enticing to think you can ‘win’ by holding his leg up. But are you really winning that way?

Husbandry skills: hoof care (part IV)

In this series I will keep you posted about the young horse I am training in order to prepare her for the next farrier visit. I will call her A. in this blog. A was scared to let people touch her legs, especially her hind legs. She kicked out whenever she felt something touching them.

I promised to keep you updated on our clicker training sessions. We had another session since my last post. Progress might seem slow, but I know from over a decade of clicker training horses that slow is the way to go.

Preparing for a hoof stand by HippoLogic

Husbandry skills: hoof care (part I)

The term ‘husbandry skills’ refers to all the behaviours you want to teach an animal in order to take care of them safely. Daily  husbandry skills are haltering, leading, grooming, cleaning hooves, cleaning nostrils, eyes and ears and so on. Medical procedures like drawing blood (important in zoo animals) or administering medication (injections, oral medication, ointments) …

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