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house training horses with clicker training

I accomplished my ‘shittiest’ goal ever!

Yes, this will be a very shitty topic. Sorry about that. The topic is… house-training my horse. In May 2015 I started house-training Kyra. I am a lazy horse owner, so I taught her some tricks to make my life easier. You can house-train your horse too: Thinking ahead I always, always reinforce Kyra …

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Peer pressure at the barn

One of the most underestimated challenges of positive reinforcement training can be… people in your environment. It is a journey The journey to switch from negative reinforcement (most traditional and natural horsemanship methods) to positive reinforcement training (clicker training, on target training) is instructive and beautiful. It is not always a straight, fast or smooth road. It is often a …

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About the author

This blog is written by Sandra Poppema, B.Sc. Sandra studied Animal Management in The Netherlands, Europe. She graduated in 1999. Animal Management The key focus of this Bachelor program is the management of human-animal relationships and animal welfare. Ethics, animal welfare, behaviour and human-animal relationships were key topics of this curriculum, along with biology and management. She continues to study these topics with a …

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