HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy

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  • You clicker train your horse and you have lots of questions. You’re afraid of doing it wrong.
  • You’re an experienced horse person/clicker trainer and are looking for trustworthy and tailored advice from a peer once in a while, or maybe even weekly.
  • You don’t fit in with your training and desire being in an encouraging, loving and supportive R+ community where positive reinforcement is the norm.
  • You’re serious about improving your R+ training skills and want a mentor.

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At this point members get access to 11 online R+ courses (over $1000 value in total), access to Group Coaching replays (over $600 value) and free access to several HippoLogic Clicker Challenges ($350 value) and Masterclasses (over $600 value) and Bonusses.

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In the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy we help you enhance the relationship with your horse, help you accomplish your equestrian dreams and give you a system to implement positive reinforcement easily in your daily interaction, training and communication with your horse. So that you can feel safe and confident to train your own horse, and you can be you!

No more hiding, training in secret when there is no one around, trying to explain why you’ve moved away from using aversives in training. In the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy you can be who you want to be: YOU!

  • An ethical, responsible, skilled horse person who loves her horse so much and want the best for her horse!
  • You feel positive reinforcement is the best gift you can give your horse.
  • You know that positive reinforcement training enhances the communication with your horse, by giving him a choice and a voice.

Now you’re looking for that place where you can learn more and feel accepted. Welcome to the Academy.

Members get access to over 10 online clicker training courses (HippoLogic Key Lessons, Your Key to Success, Husbandry Skills, Trailer Training) & Masterclasses from outside professionals, monthly group coaching & mentoring, accountability and personal feedback on your training videos.

We have an amazing group of women from all over the world and we all want one thing: to open up and feel the soul connection with our horse, a relationship build on trust, mutual understanding and love, so that we can feel safe and confident and have fun with our heart horse.

Online Horse Training Courses & Coaching for non-members

Sandra Poppema, BSc founder of HippoLogic:
I teach horse people to build trust and confidence in the relationship with their horses, so that they get results in training they are looking for and to get that soul connection with their horses.

Sandra and her horse Kyra
  • Online coaching packages
  • Self paced online courses, like DIY Grass Training
  • Interactive (online) workshops on Zoom, like Trick Training Lying Down
  • Shaping plans
  • Talks (online and in person)
  • Demo’s, workshops and clinics as soon as the pandemic permits

Visit the Shop or contact me (call me, text of WhatsApp1-778-888-6084).

Located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada