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Sandra Poppema founder of HippoLogic and the horse that she tamed in 3 weeks
  • Are you looking to train and interact with your horse in a force free way and without coercion?
  • Do you love your horse and is your relationship is really important to you?
  • Want to feel confident and safe around your horse?

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Bond with your horse in training, work towards your equestrian dreams and enjoy having a horse to the fullest. Members get access to lots of free courses, group coaching & mentoring. Click here to learn more!

Online Horse Training Courses & Coaching

I teach horse people to build trust and confidence in the relationship with their horses, so that they get results in training they are looking for and to get that soul-to-soul connection with their horses.

Sandra Poppema, BSc

For non-members I offer online coaching and courses:

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  • Self paced online courses
  • Interactive (online) workshops on Zoom
  • Shaping plans
  • Webinars

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