Heart to heart connection with your horse

Are you looking for way to enhance the communication with your horse, improve your bond and get the results you want? HippoLogic can help you.

When you learn to listen closely to your horse, you’ll discover that horses are telling us literally everything you need to know to bond with them and how to teach them new behaviours and improve greatly on already trained behaviours.

With Clicker Training you make the R of Relationship (horse-human) the center, so that the R of Results are based on trust, friendship and mutual understanding between you and your horse.

My name is Sandra Poppema and I teach equestriennes all over the world to enhance the relationship with their horse by showing them how they can implement positive reinforcement in their daily riding, training and interaction with their horse. So they can feel safe and confident to train their horses in a way that feels right to them. I do this through online courses and coaching and in my R+ Horse training community for females: the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy.

Free Assessment for Clicker Trainers!

Would you like to know where you’re at in your Equine Clicker Training journey? Would you like to find out what is holding you back from achieving your dreams with your horse? Do you want to discover your strong points and your holes in your training, so you know what your next step must be?

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HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy

Enhance your clicker skills in the HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy, an online R+ community and coaching program for equestriennes who want to improve their R+ training and want to have a tribe with like-minded equestriennes.

Join a R+ Horse training community for female horse lovers and enhance your training, the bond with your horse and have fun doing this.

For who:

  • You clicker train your horse and you have questions. You’re afraid of doing it wrong.
  • You’re an experienced horse person/clicker trainer and are looking for trustworthy and tailored advice from a peer.
  • You’re a ‘solitary’ Clicker Trainer and want to be a part of an encouraging, loving and supportive R+ community where positive reinforcement is the norm.
  • You’re serious about improving your R+ training skills and want a mentor.

Sandra Poppema, BSc founder of HippoLogic:
I teach horse people to build trust and confidence in the relationship with their horses, so that they get results in training they are looking for and to get that soul connection with their horses.

Sandra and her horse Kyra

Online Horse Training Courses & Coaching for non-members

  • Online coaching packages
  • Self paced online courses, like DIY Grass Training
  • Interactive (online) workshops on Zoom, like Trick Training Lying Down
  • Shaping plans
  • Talks (online and in person)
  • Demo’s, workshops and clinics as soon as the pandemic permits

Visit the Shop or contact me (call me, text of WhatsApp1-778-888-6084).

Located in Chase, British Columbia, Canada

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