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Do you sometimes struggle to fit in, as clicker trainer? And do you find it hard to accomplish your goals with your horse?

One of the main roadblocks lots of horse women struggle with, is that they unconsciously want to fit their R+ (positive reinforcement) training into a R- (negative reinforcement) environment. It’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole. It doesn’t fit.

I’ve a new training coming up and in this training I help you find your personal pitfalls (mental roadblocks) that hold you back from getting the results you want with your horse.

Once you know WHAT you want and HOW  you want it and what’s in your way, it’s pretty easy DO it.

Imagine you want to go Trail riding…

Imagine you want go trail riding with your horse. If you’re still stuck in ‘HOW you want it’, you might be stuck. This is how you’d feel:

You don’t want to ride anymore

This is not how YOU want to ride
This is not how YOU want to ride

You don’t like riding as much as you used to. You don’t feel comfortable riding with a whip (let alone using that thing) but you do ride with a whip. And you feel guilty about it…  

Maybe you don’t realize it’s not about the whip! It’s about not wanting to coerce your horse into something you clearly know he doesn’t want to do…

It’s not the riding that makes you feel bad, it’s the force (the use of R-/P) that doesn’t fit your values as a horse loving person. 

Once you have that clarity, it’s easy to decide: I want to ride and want to make it a win-win. Or maybe you think: “I want my horse’s consent when I ride.” And you want your horse to love you, as much as you love him. You want to be friends with your horse and that can’t happen if you use a whip. Your heart knows, but your mind doesn’t know how to ride safely without coercion. That’s where positive reinforcement comes in. That’s how you can get your horse’s consent, give him control to say Yes or No (and if you do it right, you’ll get many Yes-ses from your horse!).

Now you’ve overcome your mental roadblock: ‘using coercion doesn’t fit your values as a horse loving person’ and you can start doing what you want and HOW you want to do it. 

Does that makes sense?

What do you still do that makes you feel guilty? What are your values?

What’s your mental roadblock

Inspired clicker goals

Almost everyone has a mental roadblock that hold them back from doing what they would LOVE to do. Finding yours is the first step. Getting clarity about why you’re not doing what you want to do, makes your life so much easier! And more fun, too! Finding your values is the first step.

You might be thinking “I have no such thing as a mental block”. If that’s true, I’m happy for you. Congratulations! You’re living your dream life and do everything you want to do with your horse.

Your dream?

Do you have a dream in mind, something that you want to happen, like trail riding (even if seems impossible at this moment)? This is for you.

If you have a dream but you don’t know how to do it with clicker training, I would like to invite you to my 3-day training series. If you wonder what’s holding you back from doing the things you want to do with your horse, join us and find out.

Get Inspired Clicker Goals for 2022.

3-Day Training for 30 CAD

In this day training series I’ll help you discover the incongruencies between want you want and what you’re doing (finding your mental roadblock is just the start) and how you can start doing what you most desire!

The course is called Inspired Clicker Goals and will help you find your mojo back in training and help make your equestrian dreams happen. With clicker training!

Training 1 Clarity in Clicker Training
Training 2 Art of Equestrian Goal Setting
Training 3 “The HOW”, how can you make it happen. I’ll help you make a plan with ACTIONABLE steps that you can implement right away.

We’ll make it very interactive and we’ll have a special private Facebook group for additional support.

Happy Horse training!

Sandra Poppema, BSc

Sandra Poppema BSc founder of HippoLogic

Teaching horse people to connect with their horse in training so they get the relationship and the results they want.

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