Advanced Clicker Training

When you master the Key Lessons it is time to move onto the next stage and train more complex behaviours or change equine emotions in training

Tips to Measure the Value of Your Reward

I mean reinforcer. Not ‘reward’. It just sounded better. ūüėČ There is a big difference, let’s take a look at the definitions: Reward noun A thing given in recognition of one’s service, effort, or achievement. “the holiday was a¬†reward for¬†40 years’ service with the company” Synonyms: Recompense,¬†prize,¬†award,¬†honor,¬†decoration,¬†bonus,¬†premium,¬†bounty,¬†present,¬†gift, payment; Informal –¬†payoff,¬†perk; Formal –¬†perquisite¬†“a reward for its …

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Two Tips for building ‘Duration’ in Behaviour

There are many ways to built on ‘duration’ in behaviours you train with positive reinforcement. I will give an example of building duration in stationary behaviours and building duration in moving behaviours. General Training Tips Set your horse and yourself up for success: Make sure the horse understands the goal behaviour before adding the criterion …

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