2-Week online Grass Training

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Package deal!


Amazing package deal with personal online support for two whole weeks!

This online course includes 14-day of online individual coaching in our Facebook support group.

This online support is not available in the self paced online course Grass Training (start whenever you want).

Dates 2021: April 10, 2021/ May 8, 2021/ June 5, 2021/ July 3, 2021

Benefits individual online coaching:

  • Accountability to keep focusing on training start and stop-grazing cues for two weeks
  • You can ask questions directly to me, and they will be answered in the group
  • Feedback on your training videos, so you can adjust your training immediately and make great progress
  • Access to feedback on other people’s videos to learn from!

All online lessons, video lessons, training videos and training tools (like shaping plan, cue list and other downloads) will be available to you immediately after purchasing and after the course.

This course provides you with all the tools and training techniques to teach your horse to lead on grass without him pulling or pushing you so he can dive into the grass for a bite.


The online coaching gives you accountability for 14 days. It will help you get that push you need to keep going and get results!

Results of Grass Training 

  • Accountability, so that you actually get behaviour change to motivate you to keep going
  • Coaching so that you learn what your blind spots are and how to avoid them
  • Your horse follows you when your leading him with slack in the lead rope and ignores grass (he won’t even try)
  • No more frustration because your horse is being naughty or pushes you around
  • Your horse will trust you more because you give him clarityTo Graze or Not to Graze
  • No more feeling like a failure. Now it will be clear to anyone that you’ve trained your horse well.
  • You’ll be proud of your accomplishments (not everybody can teach their horse this!)
  • Enjoy your horse more and improve the bond with clarity



  • Best training ever for your horse! He will pay attention to you when he understands there is a Start Grazing -cue. This will be the quickest learning of a cue.
  • By giving your horse something he wants, you immediately have his attention!
  • Great way to practise your training skills without doing harm, training undesired behaviour or ruin other trained behaviours
  • If you offer clarity (I teach you how), your horse will trust you and will be looking forward to your next training. It’s a great foundation for friendship between you and your horse
  • It will give you incredible, long lasting(!) results. You’ll notice how annoying and frustrating it was, once you’ve solve it.

Course includes:

  • 14 days of online support & accountability
  • Individual coaching in a group (benefits of group learning and one-on-one coaching!)
  • 27 video lessons (stay available to you after coaching ends)

Downloadable workbook with training tools:

  • Step-by-step plan to train your horse (shaping plan)
  • 14 day Training journal
  • Baseline assessment
  • Self evaluation tool


1 review for 2-Week online Grass Training

  1. Karena (verified owner)

    I was very sad to be getting to the end of the formal support time with Sandra. The course is great, chunked into easily digestible modules, clear and helpful. You get access to this forever – so a great investment.
    The support is so useful, both the workbook, setting goals and Sandra’s support in the FB group. It motivated me in a very busy work period where I would probably have done nothing as a preference!
    And the coaching tips enabled me to make a real difference in my training in a few sessions.

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