Teach a horse to lead (or lunge) on grass *grass training done successfully*

A step-by-step training guide can you find in my article that’s published on Horse Rookie.

One day I realized that my horse kept pulling me toward grass and it made me feel like an inadequate horse owner. Here I was, with over 30 years on horse experience and still I was pulled towards juicy patches of grass. Sound familiar?

I decided to make a training out or it, but whatever I did nothing worked long-term. Next day it all seemed forgotten. Which it wasn’t really, it was just the pull of the grass that was so much stronger than my pull on the lead rope. So the behaviour was very much self-rewarding.

Only one thing to do: become more enticing than the grass! The only way to do this is with 100% positive reinforcement. 

In the article I wrote for Horse Rookie I describe two ways of approach, depending of the level of clicker training your horse had before.

All horses like ‘grass training’ because it’s a win-win: either grazing or not grazing is rewarded.
Visit Horse Rookie to find the step-by-step training plan:

READ THE ARTICLE (with step-by-step instructions) HERE

Imagine how much frustration you’ll avoid!

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If you’ve tried everything and you’re done with playing tug-of-war with your horse over grass (and losing or feeling bad about pulling the rope), it’s time to change what you’re doing and create better results.

Take your horse to the Grass Training course and teach him (force free and with longer lasting results) that it pays off to ignore grass! In this course you’ll learn to make NOT grazing a win-win and how you can teach your horse to pay attention to you, instead of the juicy grass.

Start today with my online course that includes:

  • Over 27 video lessons
  • Step-by-step plan to train your horse (shaping plan)
  • 14-day printable Training journal
  • Baseline assessment
  • Self evaluation tool

You can do this course anytime and start today. The content will stay available so you can review it over and over.
Or you can choose to enjoy my accountability (Start!) together with my personal online coaching (feedback on your training videos and answering all your questions) with the package deal. The package deal includes 14 days of individual coaching PLUS the online course, for only a small extra fee.

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Sandra Poppema, B.Sc.

I help horse owners get the results in training they really, really want with joy and easy for both horse and human. I always aim for win-win!

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