The Confident Clicker Trainer

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Clicker Training almost always enhances and enriches horse-human friendships. But even the most compassionate trainer can sometimes do things they regret, like falling back on coercion when their horse doesn’t listen.

This 3-part series offers strategies for clicker trainers that support and enhance the bond with your horse in training.
Learn to make the right choices, even on bad days.

This masterplan prevents you from taking it out on your horse and damaging the trust bond, you’ve so carefully built.

Part 1: How to stay loyal to ethical training even when you’re pressured to fall back on traditional training.

Part 2: Defining a clear vision for your goals with your horse.

Training 3: Step-by-step plan to implement positive reinforcement so that you accomplish your dream behaviours with clicker training.

Stop having regrets or feeling guilty when frustration kicks in. Your horse needs your friendship and guidance, so he can thrive in training.

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