Hardest part of being a horse owner. When your horse dies...

The hardest part of being a horse owner

The hardest part of being a horse owner is when your horse dies. Sometimes we are even the ones that have to decide about life or death.

Deciding to euthanize my horse Kyra, that I tamed when she came out of the nature reserve where she was born, was one of the hardest decision I had to make. In this video I talk about that time after her death.

I hope you would like to share your story in the comments below or on my YouTube channel.

Hard decisions as horse owner

The other hard decision was to leaver her and sell her or take her with me, when we emigrated from The Netherlands to Canada. After many sleepless nights I finally decided to take her with me! I’m so glad I did! We spent 9 wonderful years in Canada together! I never regretted taking her over seas with me! That’s story for another time. 😉

If you’ve lost your horse, recently or years ago, I hope you find a way to go through your grieving process. I wish you all the best and lots of love.


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