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The aim of this month’s Challenge is to practise training a behaviour sequence. Behaviours we train are:

  • Ground tying
  • Teach your horse to respond to his name and come when being called\
  • Send your horse away from you without pressure
  • Teach your horse to target, stand, move towards you and away from you

Rules of HippoLogic Clicker Challenges

  • Everything has to be taught with positive reinforcement only (that’s why it’s called a Clicker Challenge)
  • You can use whatever bridge signal you prefer, it doesn’t have to be a clicker
  • During the training phase you are allowed to click and reinforce/use keep-going signals/encourage your horse verbally as much as you need
  • During the training phase you are allowed to use props (like a target stick, mat, cone) to help your horse understand your criteria. You can fade these out in the final stage and before you film your final video.
  • Punishment and negative reinforcement are not allowed!
  • Share videos of your results in our secret FB group  (not mandatory, but it’s very helpful to get feedback and coaching is included!)
  • In your final video (last day to admit is on day 14) you are allowed to bridge and reinforce once
  • The final video must be: one take, no editing (you may shorten the video)

Choose your level

There are 4 levels of difficulty:

  1. Purple level for novice horses and clicker trainers who just started
  2. Green level for (still) horses or trainers that are still new at clicker training
  3. Blue level for advanced clicker horses and trainers
  4. Red level for expert clicker horses and expert clicker trainers.

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