Get your horse in shape with clicker training, part II

In my last blog I talked about that the common pitfall of how a traditional / R- mindset can’t provide you with sufficient R+ solutions. 

Pitfall #2 Getting your horse in shape

Not spending time to put a training plan together is another pitfall in horse training. I get it, this can be hard to do (ask help!) if you’ve never done it. Without some sort of plan it’s impossible to succeed:

“Anywhere” is not a place! Decide your destination!
  • What determines your “success” in getting your overweight horse back in shape? When he lost 50 kg? 100 kg? How are you going to weight him? 
  • Does he need to have a certain body score? What score is he at now?
  • What do you expect from your horse if you think about movement: how long do you want or expect him to walk, trot or canter?

Can you see that if you haven’t thought of what your starting point is and what you want your horse to be able to do when he’s in shape it’s hard to make a plan.

Best action in order to succeed is to come up with a solid plan before you start!

That’s exactly what I help my clients with. Once you know how to do it, it’s easy to do it yourself next time. Even if your training goal is different. A skill for life.


Make a plan, include your starting point, so that you actually can measure if your moving towards or away from your goals: is your horse getting more muscle, more stamina, loves movement more, lost weight?

Ask yourself this
Are you clear about what how you want your horse to lose weight or how you will get him in shape?

If not, don’t worry that’s what I cover in my September program.

I will share more pitfalls in the next email! Stay tuned.

Join my September Program!

In my brand new September program I teach how you can use positive reinforcement to get your horse to move and get him in shape. I help you with setting goals for your horse and make a training plan, that’s tailored at your horse, your situation.

The program is aimed at clicker trainers with overweight horses, since their owners struggle the most. Exercise is aversive when it’s (physically) hard and I teach you can help your horse overcome that.

In this program I give participants a training program, help them tailor it to their situation and share R+ training techniques to teach your horse to move so you can get him into shape with 100% clicker training! How does that sound?

If this is what you need, then book a short (free) Zoom call with me. I’m interviewing people right now so I can tailor the content of this program exactly to your needs.

I’m only offering this to a small group so everyone can count on individual coaching in our group. We start Sunday September 12 with coaching over Zoom and then I will coach you for two weeks online.

This 14-day program includes:

  • Live class on Zoom 
  • Q&A’s
  • Facebook support group
  • Feedback on your training videos
  • Tailored advice
  • Accountability

You can book your call by clicking the button below. If timing doesn’t work, please just reply to this email and we’ll figure out a time.

Happy Horse training!

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