Grass training gives clarity and prevents frustration. THe relationship with your horse will improve

Grass Training

Learn to lead, ride, train your horse on grass without grazing.

This course provides you with all the tools and training techniques to teach your horse to lead on grass without him pulling or pushing you so he can dive into the grass for a bite.

Grass training will help you teach your horse to transform from being ‘pushy’ to well behaved.

Is your horse pulling you towards grass, even when you just got him out of the pasture? You’re securing the gate, and he’s jerking on the lead rope to get more grass? 

Your horse tries to sample every leaf on every tree when your hacking in the woods?

Does this drive you crazy? You love him to pieces, but…

Do you wish he was better?
Do you wish he would behave?
Do you want to ride or lunge on grass without a problem?

Join HippoLogic’s  Online Grass Training and turn your Horse from a ‘Grass Monster’ into a Well Behaved Horse that respects your rules about grazing.

Enjoy trail rides again!

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