What is your horses best feature?

That’s always a good question. Just to remind you of what your horse does for you and what you have learned from your horse.

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Sholto, 20 years old

My first pony
My first pony was very assiduous. My mom told me I called him stubborn and then she would say that we were exactly alike. With a loving smile. I think that was his best feature.

He was determined to always find a way to ‘talk’ to me and he never gave up. I was 12 years old when he was born. He was a hackney pony stallion. He taught me so much!

He also taught me that he would work much harder for rewards than for punishment. He never gave up on that message, thank you Sholto. You will always be in my heart. He died in my arms at 21 years old.

My second horse
Kyra was born in a nature reserve. I got her a few weeks later when she was weaned from her mom and herd. Her best feature is that she is trusting. She will go into trailers or trucks and stand there with four legs shaking (I didn’t even know that was possible for a horse!) just because I asked her to. And… she will never run me over. I really like that in a horse too.

Kyra, 6 years old

What is your horses best feature?

Sandra Poppema

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    1. Thank you, The Lemon Daisy.

      The oldest horse became 51 years old, according to Google (an Irish draught horse). Many people think that 20 years old is already really old, but they can reach 30 -35 easily.

      I have seen many 30+ horses that where in good shape for their senior age. “Average” age of sports horses -according to a survey of a horse insurance company- is …. only 7 years old.

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